Author Topic: Nude pillion passenger allowed to ride on after she gets 'no helmet' ticket  (Read 4997 times)

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The pillion passenger's dangerous curves no doubt proved distracting for other drivers on the road, but cops clearly didn't want to see her cover up.

After pulling the motorbike over in Romania, officers let the modern day Lady Godiva off with just a warning and a ticket for not donning a helmet.

The cheeky rider then hopped back on the bike, nude but for a crash helmet, and sped off - giving fellow motorists plenty of photo opportunities.

One disbelieving witness said: 'The officer was a traffic cop and the only traffic offence she'd committed was in not wearing a helmet.

'So he gave her a warning and a ticket and told her and her companion to ride on.'

Whether Romanians are just more lenient with public nudity or the woman was let off because she's easy on the eye, 41-year-old Nigel Keer was not as lucky when he indulged in a spot of naked rambling in Leeds.

The naturist was found guilty of causing distress to a woman who was walking her dog when he went off on a naked tea-time stroll in just his backpack, boots and baseball cap at Otley Chevin in Leeds on October 2nd last year.

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Caution, photo below may not be safe for work?:

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