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This is a really nice post.  I received the MMAC for UWM and the Power Knapp for WISC.  I took the MMAC because it covered everything and the power knapp was only tuition.  Basic economic decision...tak e the one with least risk.

I had everything good going into college and I wrecked it my first year but I somehow managed to complete my degree in 4.5 years by overloading for 3 years and making it up.  It taught me a lot about being mentally tough and fighting adversity once again.  I want to add that life is a marathon.  Finishing 4 year college is merely a step.  Unless you have a MD, the most important part is about to begin once you finish school - your career.  Where you go with your career is a lot more difficult than getting a degree as the competition is much stiffer - intellectual ability and effort alone will not define success.

I also want to congratulate the author of the quoted post. It is good to know that you have realized your efforts during your first year and manage to get back up to finish undergraduate within an appropriate time period. Indeed life is a marathon. A wise man once told me to not waste time in college, and to give it my all every single time because as you know, either you put 100% effort or don't try at all. I also agree that the career is a lot more competitive than getting a degree. I'd like to add that it also takes perseverance, tenacity, and dedication for success and that effort alone is definitely not enough as you have said. I think having dreams and goals of accomplishing those dreams really differentiates those that think of success as oppose to those that are striving for/living success.

Congrats bro! I see a lot of Hmong people in college now in days.  It is an automatic thing for Hmong people to go to college.  I see Hmong people doing very well in the next 10 years and I'm hoping at least 80-85% of high school graduates will go to college.   

I also see and anticipate more Hmong students excelling and achieving that which had never been achieved within the Hmong community. I am glad to know that more and more Hmong students are realizing that education opens up many doors, and that the sky is their limit when they believe that they can really achieve something.

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