Author Topic: A school counselor reportedly shaved off a child’s Miami Heat-themed hairdo  (Read 3643 times)

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I would be really piss if he was my son.

A school counselor reportedly shaved off a child’s Miami Heat-themed hairdo against a parent’s wishes

Goofy haircuts can be briefly distracting, especially in dull junior high school setting, where even the most mindful of students are just staring down that clock on the wall, waiting for 3 PM to hit. This is why just about every school has a dress code of sorts that extends toward haircuts, even if we’re years past arguing over hair length, or Mohawks, or 1990s-styled color trends.

One thing you’d think we’d be past arguing over is the idea that shaving a logo or innocuous word into your hair would be a problem for a young student, as this staple of the late 1980s seems a little quaint in the modern era.

That apparently isn’t the case for Harns Marsh Middle School in Lehigh, Florida; and more specifically, it’s not the case for that school’s student counselor, and assistant principal. They reportedly shaved a Miami Heat tribute out of 11-year old Danny Valdes’ head without permission from his parents, after assuring the child’s stepfather (who runs a barbershop and gave the kid the haircut in anticipation of attending his first Miami Heat game) that Danny would be allowed to have his stepfather alter the haircut

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What the administrators and teacher did - lie to the child that his step dad approved to cut his hair - was foolish but I completely understand their intent.

First off, it's understandable that the child went to a Miami Heat game with the hairdo. It is themed appropriate for the basketball game. But shouldn't that shit be removed by the parents the next day? What does it say about your intelligence level as parents when you shave what looks to be like a fukken Googlemap on your kid's head? The point is, this is distracting and administrators had the right to phone and say "get rid of it tomorrow or don't send your child to school." It would be the same as if a middle school girl came to school in leather pants, a tube top, and full face of makeup with red lipstick. This is a school, not a club.

This kind of shit only happens in inner-cities or where there are Mexicans and Blacks. You never hear of this shit happening to white suburban schools! I'm not trying to make white people out as superior because not all of them are like that but you just know that white people don't have a problem with this shit. The parents have more important shit to do like actually going to the kid's conferences and the administrators don't have to deal with mundane shit like this because the white show up looking like normal human beings and the school can concentrate on giving them a better education.

From the author of the article:
My wife runs a hair salon and is currently outfitted in lovely pink hair – and that doesn’t in the slightest take away from her acumen as a businesswoman, or her abilities as a superparent.

Hey, fukken retard, your wife works at a SALON. Of course it's not going to detract from her professionalis m. But fukktard, why don't you have your pink-haired wife go look for a job in Human Resources at a Fortune 500 company or customer service at Best Buy or Target and see if she will even be considered. Not only that, your wife is a full-grown adult. She has a choice to dress and look how she wants. Children whose parents shave stupid shit into their hair, doesn't have that choice even if they think it looks cool.

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Back in Thailand, the teacher can sneak behind the student and clip hair so short, it exposed his skull.  The hair style is so bad he has to cut his hair really short.  Back then the teachers are more powerful than the parents.  The teacher beat up the students and the parents just cheer up the teachers.  I grew up in that period.

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