Author Topic: Do you feel like you need to bring extra pencils and scantrons on test day because...  (Read 853 times)

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  • Guest just know there are going to be classmates who will ask for some? Geez I feel like that all the time. And yes I share if I have any extra. I'm just too nice. And for some odd reason should I ever forget or run out of my own, I'd expect the same courtesy. =P but i usually don't forget anyway.

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if your class grades on a bell curve.... heck no I'm bringing extras.  Your automatic F bumps my beautiful C grade up.  ha  :2funny:

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My first year, I did bring scantrons and pencils. And I often shared because there were a few times I forgot them and someone lent them to me.

note: I don't like using pencils. I enjoy using pen. Something about the ink flowing just sounds nice in my head.
I actually had one professor who was very strict.

her policies:

Show up late without a valid reason. she'll excuse the first two times. After that, you are marked absent.
classes: Monday and Wednesdays. 12-1:15
Possible Pop Quiz every wednesday . We had a pop quiz almost every week, we didn't have one for halloween, thanksgiving, and if the monday fell on labor day or veterans day. (And yes, we had one that second day of class)
This is the policy for the pop quizzes:
As soon as the clock strikes 12. the TAs (teacher assistants) will write the 5 or so questions on the board. You have 15 minutes to answer all 5 questions. When she says pass them up, you pass them up. that means, stop writing and pass it in. Take too long and she won't accept it.
If you show up to the test without a scantron or pencil. You're out of luck. If she's feeling nice, you can use a neighbors. If not, then you get a zero.

her reasoning for her strictness.

"In the real world, no one is going to baby you. You either show up prepared and ready to go, or you're out the door. You are given a deadline, there are no ifs ands or buts about it, you either get it in on time or you don't get it in at all."

strictness but it made sense.

And there was one professor I had who was stupidly hard.
The professor told us the first day, she grades on the curve, because in the past she's been known to teach a very hard class.

I got a solid B in Macro Econ during my first semester of college, so thinking, hey I should be ok in Micro Econ. I understood most of the concepts. I got the homework well, I passed the quizzes and got decent scores on the exams. I thought i would end up with atleast a 80%.

Hell no. I was dead wrong.

I ended up with a 68%..

but like she said. The class is hard and she grades on the curb.

So i got a C+.

that's how insane it was. so bad that my grade become 10% higher than what it should be. And I recall people not sharing scantrons. Seeing the curb turn my D into a C. I ain't complaining.

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