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I haven't been here for a long while now. Here is ch 16. Enjoy.



Wu Jian and Ching Chen walked with Cecilia back to the clinic to make sure she didn’t get into anymore mishaps. During their walk, she told them about her memory loss, but left the parts of her ability to heal and kill demons, so they could have a better understanding her situation. It was not their business to know more since she wasn’t close to them and she despised Wu Jian. They listened to her story with an open mind and pitied her. She was like a lost soul that wandered the world unknowing of her fate.

“I’m deeply saddened about your situation. It must be very hard for you to adjust,” said Ching Chen.

“It is, but I am glad to have friends to help me through this.”

She thought about Xing Fu and the Physicians. They were the ones that helped her since the beginning. She owed a lot to them, especially Xing Fu. Then she started to think about her feeling for Xing Fu. It grew after she revealed nonverbally to him that she liked him. She touched the hand that held his and could still feel his warmth and softness of his skin. Her face started to glow.

Wu Jian glanced down at her and saw her smiling. “What are you so happy about?”

“It’s none of your business,” she replied.

He gave a quick huff, “Like I want to know anyways…” and walked away from her.

She sneered at him and then looked down at the crutches that helped support Wu Jian’s weight as he walked. Cecilia thought about his unexpected entrance after she fought with the men. It was strange that he appeared out of nowhere. Usually there would have been sounds of footsteps entering the place but none was heard. Moreover, he could have helped instead of watching her from a distance.

She caught up with them and turned to him. “Why didn’t you help me back there?”

“That’s a stupid question. Can’t you see that I’m handicapped? Also, you were doing fine without my assistance.”

What he said was true. When she fought the three men, she felt that it was too easy. Their skills were mediocre compared to hers. She got chills just thinking about her ruthless skills and shook that feeling off.

There was silence among the three. In her mind, she contemplated on how to explain to Xing Fu and the Physicians about her assault. She didn’t want to scare them if they knew she could fight; losing the people she cared and loved was one thing that she feared the most.

Wu Jian kept glancing down at her, wondering about her real identity. A person that could use a knife like a sword to block every move must have very sharped eyes. Such skills as that would take years to master. When he stood on the rooftop to watch the fight, she fought with quickness, stabbing and throwing knives accurately at them. Then he saw her eyes; there was something about them that made his hairs on his skin rose. They were colder than his and merciless. Whoever she may be, he knew she was a woman no one should mess with. He wanted to know more of her background; but knowing that she lost her memories, it was harder to investigate.

They were a hundred feet away from the clinic and she saw Xing Fu, Physician Wei, and Guo Jing at the gated entrance. Xing Fu looked worried and paced back and forth, scratching his head, while Physician Wei tried to calm him down. She knew what was happening. Xing Fu was worried about her ever since she went missing. She stopped walking and became nervous. Wu Jian and Ching Chen looked at her.

“Why did you stop?” asked Ching Chen.

“I…I want the both of you to keep my ability of fighting a secret. I do not want them to know.” None of the men replied and it made her anxious. She pleaded, “Please?”

Wu Jian exhaled. “No. A person must always be truthful. That is one of the codes we as mortals live by.”

She bit her bottom lips and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She felt stupid to tell them about her situation. Now everything was going to be revealed. Her head tilted down, saddened from all of this. Wu Jian saw her sudden facial expression from the corner of his eyes and his lips curled up. He enjoyed toying with her mind and feelings, while Ching Chen knew he was only playing around with her, and kept quiet.

Xing Fu turned and saw Cecilia stood there with Wu Jian and Ching Chen. He couldn’t understand why she was with Wu Jian, but was glad she was safe. He shouted her name, alerting Physician Wei and Guo Jing. They turned and saw them as well. Xing Fu ran toward her and quickly hugged her tightly in his arms. At first, she was astonished by the hug, but quickly warmed up to his affection and hugged him back.

“I was so worried about you.” Then he slowly let go of her. “What happened to you?”


She tried to find words to say but couldn’t. She didn’t want to lie; yet, she also did not want to tell them what happened.

Again, Wu Jian spoke for her. “She was lured to a trap by the con artist and his men. They tried to assault her, but I came in time to help.”

She was baffled by his words, wondering why he was helping her lie. What happened to his code of being truthful? She couldn’t figure him out and turned to Ching Chen. He had a big grinned on his face, and winked to let her know that her secret was safe after all. She exhaled in relief.

Xing Fu got upset hearing about the con artist and clenched his fist. “Where is he?” he demanded.

Knowing that she could fight, Wu Jian scoffed to see Xing Fu get worked up for nothing. He stared down at Xing Fu’s physique.

“What are you going to do anyway? With no martial art skills, you’re just courting death.”

Xing Fu didn’t say anything because Wu Jian was right. He could have been dead and left her vulnerable for the men to continue their assault.

Physician Wei interrupted them. “Thank you Mr. Wu for saving Miss Xiao. Why don’t we all go inside and talk more?”

Wu Jian leaned on his crutches, folding his hands behind his back. “Fine.”

Ching Chen stared at Wu Jian in disbelief. Staying at Mu Village for a couple of days had already delayed their travel to their destination. Another day would be worse, worrying that Wu Jian’s father won’t be happy.

He turned to him, “But Young Master, we need to leave…”

“Another day won’t hurt.”

All Ching Chen could do was to accept what Wu Jian said and bowed his head slightly.

“Yes Young Master.”

Physician Wei laughed heartily, “Great! Let’s go in!”

Xing Fu lightly placed his hand on her shoulder as they walked. She stopped and looked at Xing Fu, “You go ahead inside first. I want to talk to Mr. Wu for a bit.”

Xing Fu glanced at Wu Jian and saw his cocky grin. He didn’t want her to be left alone with Wu Jian, but he had to respect her decision also.

“Fine, I’ll be at the gated entrance watching. I want to keep a close eye on him just in case he plays any dirty tricks.”

Cecilia sighed and nodded, “Fine. Now go.”

He left and stood at the entrance, watching Wu Jian like a hawk. Wu Jian signaled Ching Chen to leave also and left. Wu Jian playfully shivered in front of her as he looked at Xing Fu.

“Your boyfriend is creepy.”

Already being irritated by him, she replied, “He’s not creepy. He’s only protecting me from a**holes like you.”

He scoffed at her remark and dived into the question. “So, what do you want?”

She crossed her arms in front. “Why did you lie for me?”

“I only did it because of your pity situation.”

“Thank you,” and her lips tightened to a smile.

Then his tone of voice harshened. “Don’t get the wrong idea Miss Xiao. I’m only letting you off this time.” He started to walk away from her, “I still need to deal with you for the humiliation that you’ve caused upon me,” and huffed angrily.

She murmured, “A**hole.”


Guo Jing and Physician Wei walked Wu Jian and Ching Chen to the backyard. They got to a little garden full of different flowers and in the middle, was a small pond full of koi. Then they saw De Ming kneeled in front of Guo Wei. His head tilted down while Guo Wei lectured him.

“How many times do I have to remind you not to spend money for these fairies? The more you spoil them, the more materialistic they become!”

“I’m sorry master,” De Ming said softly.

Guo Wei took out his bottle of wine and raised it up to drink. He had forgotten that it was empty and got even more frustrated. “AIYA! Just when I need wine, it’s empty!” He paced back in forth in front of De Ming and then stopped. “You know the punishment so get into your position!”

“Oh…” he nodded.

De Ming stood on his knees, facing front, and raised his arms up to a ninety degree angle.

“Stay there for three hours to think of your wrong!”


Guo Wei turned to leave and saw them stood there. They had watched and heard everything what was said. Wu Jian recognized the magic sword that Guo Wei was carrying.

“Isn’t that the Celestial Immortal Sword?”

Guo Wei stared at Wu Jian and wondered who this young lad was to know his sword’s name. He walked toward them as he stroked his scruffy beard. When he got in front of Wu Jian, his eyes stared down at his masculine physique.

Without any formal introduction, he asked, “Who might you be to know my sword’s name? Only a few knows it…” then he leaned forward, “…And these people are much OLDER than you…” He crossed his arms in front and started to twist his beard, continuing to stare at Wu Jian. “…Unless…you’re one of their kins…”

Guo Jing dumbfounded by Guo Wei’s assumption and turned to look at Wu Jian. “Are you one of the Mortal Protector’s kin?”

Wu Jian had a big smile and nodded. “I am the son of Wen Jian Tao, the Prince of Wu, Wen Long Wei.”

Guo Jing and Physician Wei’s eyes bulged like they were going to pop out, hearing of Wu Jian’s royal identity. But what baffled them the most was Wu Jian’s identity as the kin of a Mortal Protector. Guo Jing, Guo Wei, and Physician Wei folded their hands in front and bowed their heads to address him.

“Prince of Wu, the kin of Mortal Protector, forgive us for not noticing you during your stay here.” said Guo Jing.

Wu Jian shook his head, “No need to worry, I prefer nobody to know my identity. Also, call me Wu Jian.”

Guo Wei then formally introduced himself. “My name is Ma Guo Wei, the student of god Yu Ze Min; one of the five Mortal Protectors.”

Wu Jian’s face lightened with excitement when hearing his name. He quickly folded his hands in front and bowed his head to Guo Wei.

“Master Ma, I’ve heard so many demon hunting stories of your Seven Seas travel since I was a child. I am very ecstatic to finally meet you.”

Guo Wei guffawed at his comment.

“Hey Master, it’s great to hear that you’re well known!” De Ming shouted happily from behind.

Guo Wei immediately turned to De Ming and raised his voice, “You are not allowed to speak when punished! An hour is added!”

De Ming frowned and turned to face forward. Guo Wei turned back to Wu Jian and the others with a wide grin on his face.

“Now, where were we…” Guo Wei said as he stroked his beard. “Ah yes! I’m glad to run into you Wu Jian. I’ve just gotten an urgent letter from Elder Tao of Taoist Sect and have to meet them at Wu Tribe. If you don’t mind, my student and I can travel with you back to your tribe?”

Wu Jian was very happy to hear the request. “OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t I?”

“Great. Then we will have to depart Mu Village as soon as possible.”


Ching Chen reminded Wu Jian, “Your Highness, what about our task?”

Guo Wei felt bad. “Wu Jian, I didn’t know that you had other priories to attend. I am not going to trouble you any further and will go to Wu Tribe alone then.”

Wu Jian shook his head. “No. We are departing to go to Wu Tribe together. You’re a hero figure and I may not have the same opportunity to meet you again later in the future.”

Then he turned to Ching Chen, “Go buy some lavishing gifts and I will write a letter to send it off to Chu Palace. King Chu and Princess Xiu Rong will understand my absence. As for father, if he sees my state of condition, he will understand.”

Ching Chen bowed, “Yes,” and left.

“Master Ma, when Ching Chen gets back, we can depart then. As of now, may you please enlighten me of this urgency?”


After Ching Chen got back with a cart of gifts and some delivery men that he hired, Wu Jian handed the letter he wrote to Ching Chen.

“Give this letter to the main delivery man to deliver this letter. Is the sedan ready for me?”


Wu Jian nodded. “Good.” Ching Chen went and handed the letter to the man. He instructed the man what to do and the man nodded.

Guo Jing brought a jug of wine and handed it to Guo Wei. “Here, take this. It is the 10,000 years old wine my friend.”

Guo Wei’s eyes widened with excitement. “WHOA!!! He grabbed it from his hands and placed it under his nose to take big sniff of it. The plum aroma stung his nostrils, giving him the pure pleasure of sweetness. “Ahhh…The smell of heaven…”

Cecilia was glad that Wu Jian was leaving. It was hell for her to listen to his smartass comments. De Ming walked to Cecilia and Xing Fu and hand each of them an item that he had bought from the vendors. He gave each an animal figurine made out jade-Xing Fu’s was a monkey and hers was a bird.

“I want each of you to have this as a token of gratitude. I appreciate the both of you to take me touring of this wonderful place.”

“Aren’t these for your fairies?” she asked.

He sadly nodded; then he whispered softly so Guo Wei wouldn’t hear, “I got punished for spending most of our money, so he wants me to get rid of the items that I’ve bought.”

“We’re sorry to hear this…” said Xing Fu.

“It’s ok. It’s bound to happen sooner or later.” Then he took a deep breath and exhaled. “I hope to see the both of you again.”

They nodded. Guo Wei shouted De Ming to hurry so De Ming bade farewell to them. Wu Jian got inside the sedan; Guo Wei, De Ming, and Ching Chen got on their horses. Wu Jian turned to stare at Cecilia from the veiled window. She was an interesting woman to know for a short period of time. Unlike other women, she was the only one that was bold enough to fight with him. Others bowed at their feet in fear or pretended to be friendly toward him to gain his favor. Cecilia was his challenge and he enjoyed her presence while it lasted. Wu Jian had to say something before he left.

“Wait,” he ordered.

Ching Chen and the others wondered what he wanted this time. He opened the veiled curtain from the window.

“Mr. Yu, may I speak with you for a moment?”

Xing Fu was stunned and looked at Cecilia. She signaled him to go and so he went. He got to the window and saw that Wu Jian had a closed-mouth smile.

“Yes Mr. Wu?”

“Between you and me, I wanted to tell you that you’re a lucky man to have a woman like Xiao Xing. Cherish her well or else I will steal her from you.”

Shocked by his comment, Xing Fu couldn’t help but chuckled. “Don’t worry. I…I will.”

Wu Jian nodded and let go of the veiled curtain. He shouted, “LET’S GO!” and they left the clinic.

Cecilia came up to Xing Fu and was curious of what they were talking about.

“What did the a**hole say to you?”

“Oh…you do not need to know. It’s only man talk.”

She crossed her arms in front and huffed upsettingly at him. “Now, you’re keeping secrets? Fine!”

“Aiya…don’t be like that. Just be happy that he won’t be bothering you anymore…” Then he nudged her on the shoulder, “Let’s go home tomorrow ok?”

She nodded and all of them went back to the clinic.


That night, many thoughts lingered in Cecilia’s mind that she couldn’t sleep. She got up and decided to take a stroll around the clinic to ease her mind. In the middle of the small garden, she saw Guo Jing sitting on a stone bench, staring at the full moon. Its lights casted on him, illuminating his porcelain skin that he looked like a bright star. Guo Jing felt a presence and turned to see Cecilia stared helplessly at him. He smiled at her and knew that she was admiring his beauty once again.

He patted the empty seat next to him, “Come and sit down next to me.”

Surprised by his daring invite, she had to make sure, worrying that she may kill him. “Are you sure?”

“Just don’t touch me,” laughed Guo Jing jokingly.

It was great to see Guo Jing laughed freely and she was relieved to know that he trusted her. Happy, she quickly ran and sat next to him. Both exchanged smiles and gazed at the full moon to enjoy each other’s company.

“You can’t sleep?” he asked.

She nodded and sighed, “I have too many things going on inside of my head. What about you?”

“Same here.”

Surprised to hear that, she turned to him. “Care to tell me?”

“I wish that I have my demon powers so I can help heal my patients.”

She gave him a blanked stare. “Huh?”

He saw her clueless face and explained, “When a demon becomes mortal, the demon loses all of his powers and immortality, making him vulnerable. That is the price a demon has to pay.”


“Just like gods, demons live for eternity Miss Xiao.”

“I see…so why do demons want to become mortals when they could live eternity? Isn’t that a gift?”

Guo Jing stared down at the ground and was silent for a bit. Then he turned to her with a sad look on his face. She could tell that he wasn’t too thrilled of her question and was going to tell him to forget it, but he spoke.

“It’s a curse.” He saw that she was puzzled by what he meant and continued, “Becoming mortal is important for demons. You see, they tend to label demons evil, but they don’t realize that there are good demons also.” Then he sighed sadly, “But no matter what, if we are good or evil, we get hunted and captured…and even get killed.”

She remembered Guo Wei and Guo Jing’s reunion and didn’t understand one thing. She had to clear it with Guo Jing.

“Can a demon hunter still capture or kill an ex demon like you then?”

He chuckled at her question. “No. Once a demon become mortal, the demon hunter cannot do anything about it.”

She now understood and was relieved. She began to be curious of Guo Jing’s life and asked, “I know everyone has a story to tell. So, if you don’t mind, why do you want to become mortal?”

His face lightened and had a genuine smile as he stared at the moon. “I found happiness from living among the mortal race. I cry when I see people’s pains and sorrows, I’m happy when I see people’s love and excitement, I get mad when I see injustice…I wanted to help…” then he turned to her. She saw the sparkles in his eyes. “…I fell in love with the mortal race.”

She was touched by his story. He was a man full of compassion. His love for mortals weighed so much that he sacrificed his immortality to become mortal. This was his love story.

“Honestly, I’ve never knew there are demons like you. In fact, I’ve never thought demons existed among us and thought they were only fairytales.”

He laughed at her illiterate knowledge. “Now you know.”

Still intrigued by his young looks, she wanted to know. “Physician Wei said you are forty years old, but you looked as if you’re only in your teens. How old exactly are you?”

He chuckled from her question and glanced at her, “Which one do you want? Mortal age or Demon age?”

She never knew that there was a demon age and answered curiously, “Both.”

“Alright. I look really young because as demons, we start to age very slowly at a certain peak. But everything changes when we become mortals. We stop aging, but our years of living as mortals start and could only live an estimation of one hundred and twenty years. So for your question about my age, I’ve became mortal forty years ago, so I am indeed forty. As for demon age, I am 44,000 years old.”

Her eyes widened in shocked. “40…44,000 years old?” then she slightly laughed, “That is VERY OLD…”

“For demons, that is still young. There are some demons that I know who are in their 300,000s.”

Her hands covered her mouth in astonishment, which made Guo Jing chucked from the sight. She couldn’t believe the high numbers and became speechless. There was a second of silence between the two. Then she was curious about his and Guo Wei’s conversation. She wanted to know what they talked about.

“I saw a magical letter in the forest with Mr. Ma earlier this morning. I didn’t know what it said, but from his facial expression, I knew it was urgent. What did he want from you?”

Guo Jing teased, “Miss Xiao, you’re a really nosy person. No wonder Guo Wei warned me about you. He knew you’re going to ask me about this.”

“No I’m not! I’m just…curious and worried for the people I cared about…That is all…” She said and pouted.

Hearing that she cared made him happy, but he could not tell her what their discussion was about. For the sake of Mortal Realm, he didn’t want to spread any fear amongst the mortal race.

“It is great that you care, but some things are not meant to be said for now.” Then Guo Jing changed the subject. “Miss Xiao, inheriting these God-like powers is a gift, but it can be a curse as well. Demons fear it, but if any mortals or fallen immortals know that you have these powers, they may come after you to use or even kill you. So be extra careful.”

She was glad that she didn’t tell Wu Jian or Ching Chen about her abilities then, but more weight had placed upon her shoulders again. She never knew that this special qi would have her life be at staked too. Now, she needed to be extra cautious of whom she talked to.

She nodded.

Guo Jing then saw the talisman hung from her dress and chuckled. “Why do you wear a talisman for?”

She looked down at it and wondered why it was a joke to him. She looked at him confused, “Physician gave it to Xing Fu and I for protection…Why is it funny?”

“Think about it Miss Xiao. Your special qi scares demons. You are a repellent so you do not need a talisman to protect you.”

She never thought about that and laughed slightly. “I guess I do not need to worry about being attacked by demons then.”

“Brother Wei…He may know a lot, but when it comes to demon realm, he knows the general information. I was the one that educated him, just like I am doing to you now.”

“I did learn a lot. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

There was silence for a couple of seconds again. Then he spoke, “It seems that you and Xing Fu are close now. I’m really happy that he found someone.”

She began to blush.

“That kid needs someone to take care of him. Living alone without starting a family can be lonely.” He turned to look at her, “So…you can help him with that right?” He joked.

“We will see how this relationship goes…” she paused and thought about the faceless man. She held the heart necklace from her neck in her hand and Guo Jing saw it.

“I’ve never seen such beautiful jewelry. Where did you get it?”

“This is the only item that I have from my memory loss. Xing Fu and I thought it maybe a gift from the faceless man.” She paused a bit, not wanting to say her possible relationship, then continued, “He maybe my lost love…Kai.”

He repeated, “Kai…so…what about you and Xing Fu?”

“I really like him, but I’m afraid at the same time. I’m afraid if I ever regained my memories, my feelings for Xing Fu may change, because of my feelings for Kai.”

He let out a short sigh, “Feelings, you cannot control…You’re a strong woman and will know what to do when the time comes.”

Her feelings for Xing Fu weighed more than her lost love for the faceless man. Although she may not know what the future may be for them when she regained her memories, she mind as well cherished every bit of Xing Fu that she could now.

“I hope so…” she said softly.

Guo Jing yawned. “It’s getting very late, I’m heading to bed. You should as well.”

She smiled and nodded, “I will. You go ahead first.”

“Alright, goodnight.”


He got up from the stone bench and walked away. She looked up at the moon. With the craters, it looked like a smiling face.

She began to talked to it. “Moon, honestly I do not want to regain my memories and Kai anymore. The more I find out who I am, the more I am afraid of knowing my past…” She paused for a second as her eyes started to weld up with tears. All of these dreams, visions, unknown habits, burdens, and her feelings for Xing Fu had taken a toll on her. Trying not to cry, Cecilia took a deep breath and exhaled. She felt better.

Then in her sad tone of voice, she said to the moon, “I only wanted to be Xiao Xing.”

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Jian Tao was in his study room reading when Chief Wen entered in. His hands folded in front and bowed halfway.

“Your Majesty, Prince Long Wei is back and he is outside asking for your presence.”

Jian Tao stopped reading, “Oh?” and glanced off to the side to think. did he come back so early? “Tell him to wait until I am finished here.” Then he went back to reading.

Chief Wen added, “Ma Guo Wei came with the Prince as well.”

Surprised, Jian Tao glanced up at Chief Tao. “He’s here?!”

Eager to see him, he stopped what he was doing and rushed out of the room; Chief Wen followed behind. Outside, the Elders were having a conversation with Guo Wei and Wu Jian when they saw Jian Tao approaching; they bowed to greet him.

“Greetings Your Majesty.”

“Greetings King Father,” said Wu Jian.

Jian Tao saw that Wu Jian had crutches and his ankle wrapped with a cloth. He got worried. “What happen?”

“I’ve sprained my ankle during my travel to Chu Palace.” Then he lowered his head and looked upset. “I didn’t make thus far to meet King Chu. Your son has disappointed you greatly.”

Wu Jian tried to kneel down to Jian Tao, but he stopped Wu Jian. “You’re injured, so don’t kneel.” Then Jian Tao sighed. “I am a bit disappointed, but your health should be first priority. I will write a letter of an apology to King Chu then.”

“There’s no need King Father. I’ve already sent lavishing gifts and an apologetic letter to King Chu and Princess Xiu Rong.”

Jian Tao nodded and patted his shoulder, “Well done. We will have to schedule another day for you to meet the Princess again then.”

Wu Jian didn’t like how he was forced to meet a princess that he had never known. He wasn’t ready to find a wife and wanted to explore the world first before settling down; but he had to, for the sole purpose of allying Wu Tribe and Chu Kingdom. Comparing to the small Wu Tribe in Wu Mountain, Chu Kingdom was one of the five largest kingdoms in the middle plains. Their territory extended ten times bigger than Wu Tribe, so if allied, both kingdoms can help defend enemies from the North.

Wu Jian forced a smile, “Yes King Father.”

Jian Tao patted his shoulder again. “Good.” Then he turned to Guo Wei; both were happy to see each other. They hugged and patted each other’s back, “It’s great to see you old friend,” said Jian Tao.

“It is!” said Guo Wei.

They let go of each other. Guo Wei stroked his beard as he stared at Jian Tao’s physique. “Look at you! Now that you’re a King, I cannot measure up to you.”

Both laughed heartily. “My old friend, status cannot measure to our friendship.” Guo Wei nodded in agreement to what he said.

Guo Wei introduced his student to Jian Tao, and De Ming formally bowed, “It is my honor to meet you Your Majesty.”

“Your student is a bright young man,” Jian Tao commented.

“Bright, but still need to learn his wrongs. Nowadays, the young ones only want to play…” Guo Wei said as he looked at De Ming.
De Ming pursed his lips and scratched his head.

After some light conversations, Jian Tao turned to Chief Wen, “Get rooms ready for our two guests, and tell the cook to prepare some fine dishes for tonight.”



Jian Tao and Guo Wei stood at the shoreline of Bloody Devil Lake, staring at the Demon Realm’s seal. Guo Wei saw the big crack that was sealed by the Taoist Binding Spell. Like the others, he was also worried for the fate of Mortal Realm. Flashback of the Battle of Mortal Realm rushed into his mind. He could hear sounds of metal swords clanged as they made contact, and loud roars of demons echoed as they made their kill; but most of all, the horrendous deadly cries that came from the hundred thousands of their allies being slaughtered like meat by the enemies. This historical event was one of the bloodiest battles of Mortal Realm.

When he and De Ming wandered the Seven Seas, they saw the aftermath from the battle. Many heroes lost a limb or two, some were still capable of functioning as a human being, while others became insane. Saddened by the traumatic event, his eyes welled up with tears. He grabbed his wine bottle from his belt and began to drink in gulps. Then he took a deep breath and exhaled to clear his thoughts. Guo Wei stared at the blood-like water.

“This Bloody Lake reminded me of The Battle of Mortal Realm…Water and sky became blood, lightness turned to darkness, and Mortal Realm almost became extinct…”

Jian Tao let out a sighed, “Although I wasn’t there to witness the battle, goddess Wu Li Ling told me what happened.” Then he patted Guo Wei’s shoulder to comfort him. “You’ve gone through a lot old friend. I wished that I was there to help.”

Guo Wei shook his head, “I’m happy that you did not, or else who knows if Prince Long Wei would have existed.”
Jian Tao slightly laughed, “You’re right.”

Then Guo Wei took another drink and cleared his throat. “…Honestly, the broken seal is a small matter comparing to a bigger threat that may be on its way. Since we do not have the Celestial Immortals’ help anymore, this is going to be far worse than the Battle of Mortal Realm…Taoist sect will have to do their part and hopes does not escape.”

“Taoist sect has bound the area and is heavily guarded, so enemies cannot enter in the area with the use of their spells and internal qi. Many enemies have tried rescuing , but were unsuccessful.”

He let out a big sighed and stroked his beard. “…I hope that you are right…”

To make a living in fortune telling, Guo Wei foretold people’s future through his senses. If one asked him a question, he would sense if it was going to be good or bad. For this typical situation, Guo Wei felt very uneasy. He felt that something bad was going to happen, but he didn’t know when and what. All he knew was disaster awaited for Mortal Realm.

Jian Tao began to think of their childhood years. “Old Guo, remembered when we were children, we had our dreams of wanting to become somebody important to the world? I said that I wanted to help people and as for you, you wanted to become a wanderer hero?”

“Yes, I remembered. I guess our dreams did come true…in a weird and different way…” Both glanced at each other and burst out laughing. Guo Wei continued, “You became a King and I became a wanderer demon hunter.”

Jian Tao snorted, “Right…”

After their laughter died down, they sighed.

“Now, we are really important to the world. Mortal Realm is in our hands to protect…” said Guo Wei.

Then Jian Tao frowned, thinking about his incapability to continue being the Mortal Protector. Guo Wei noticed it.
“What seems to trouble you old Jian?”

Jian Tao folded his hands behind his back and looked at the colorful orange red sky. “I cannot continue being the Mortal Protector. My body cannot take it like it used to.”

Hearing this saddened Guo Wei, but he understood the consequences of becoming the Mortal Protector. Comparing to Jian Tao, Guo Wei’s internal qi was stronger and have the ability to slow down the depletion.

“Are you going to choose Prince Long Wei to be the next Mortal Protector then?”

“Yes. In this way, I can focus on being the King for my people.”

“That is a good idea,” Guo Wei took another drink from his wine and handed it to Jian Tao. “Here, drink this wine. It’s Mu Village of Chu Kingdom’s best wine, 10,000 Years Old Wine.”

Jian Tao took it from his hand and drank it. The taste was satisfying to his like. “This is indeed the best wine I’ve tasted!” Both laughed boisterously and took turns to drink.


At dinnertime, all the men and Queen Li Hua sat down to feast. The table was full of different meat-duck, lamb, and pork sautéed with hot and sweet sauces, and vegetables cooked to perfection. Everyone ate and drank fine wine with glee.
Elder Tao sipped his cup of wine and then spoke, “Now that we have reunited two out of five Mortal Protectors, we will start our search for the others.”

“Have you received news from Grandmaster Huang yet?” asked Jian Tao.

Elder Tao nodded. “I’ve received it this late afternoon. He is going to send out forty Taoist’s best students to help with the search to cover most grounds. The other five are going be arriving shortly to Wu Tribe to help with the binding.”

“That is great news,” said Jian Tao. Then he turned to Wu Jian, “Son, I have a gift for you.”

Everyone, except Guo Wei, was anxious in what this surprised gift was. Throughout Wu Jian’s childhood life, his father’s gifts were only words of wisdoms or encouragements . Never once, he had received a physical gift from his father. The reason behind it was that his father wanted him to learn that wisdom was more important than materialistic thing. Puzzled, but at the same time, anxious like the others, he wondered what this gift that he was about to receive. Jian Tao called in Chief Wen and he came out with the Five Element Qi Sword. Chief Wen came and stood next to Wu Jian with the sword in front.
“Son, I want to give you the Five Element Qi Sword.”

Everyone and Wu Jian became dumbstruck and speechless. Guo Wei stroked his beard as he smiled, showing teeth, knowing that this was coming. Wu Jian didn’t know if he should be happy or upset about this. The sword was his father’s precious treasure and nobody, even him, could touch it.

“What is the meaning of this King Father?” Then he looked at Queen Li Hua, “Step Queen Mother?”

She was clueless as he and shook her head.

Jian Tao explained, “I cannot protect Mortal Realm while I try to be Wu Tribe’s King. That is why I am handing it down to you as the new Mortal Protector of Mortal Realm.”

Jian Tao took the sword from Chief Wen and offered it to Wu Jian. “Take this Five Element Qi Sword son.”

Still with a sprained ankle, Wu Jian carefully knelt down with his arms raised up to receive the sword. Everyone was ecstatic by this moment and watched as Jian Tao handed the sword into Wu Jian’s hands. Wu Jian grabbed it and felt the heaviness of the sword.

“You are now the chosen Mortal Protector of the Five Element Qi Sword my son, Wen Long Wei...” he said happily.

“Thank you King Father. I will take the responsibility in protecting Mortal Realm from evil.”

A gold glow came out of the sword and traveled throughout Wu Jian’s body, giving an aura; then it disappeared into him. He felt a warm and strange, yet powerful energy inside. It was the sign of new ownership of the sword.

Jian Tao helped Wu Jian stood up. Then everyone also stood from their seats, folded their hands in front, and bowed their heads. Queen Li Hua and Jian Tao stood close by Wu Jian as they cheered.

“Congratulations Prince Wen Long Wei, the new Mortal Protector.”

Wu Jian couldn’t be happier of this gift that his father had given to him and held the sword tightly in his hands.


Late that night, Wu Jian walked with his one crutch into the dark Memorial Room, holding the Five Element Qi Sword in his other hand. He saw a big name tablet, goddess Wu Li Ling, carved in gold on one of the finest wood, displayed on top of the alter. He knelt down on the round pillow and placed the sword on the floor. He stared at the tablet with a doleful look.

“Father has chosen me to be the next Mortal Protector…” he paused for a second to take a deep breath and then continued, “…aren’t you proud of your son?” There was silence again, and his eyes started to get watery.

He was four years old when his mother passed away from illness. The only thing he remembered of her was holding her soft and warmed hand when she died.

Wu Jian wept uncontrollably, and his voice started to choke as he spoke. “I wish I could see your face to know if you are happy…I can only picture you in my mind of how you may look from father’s description…He said you were the most beautiful woman that he has ever met…” He sniffed and wiped his tears with his hands, but tears kept flowing down. “I miss you so much mother…”

Outside, Jian Tao stood in the dark, hidden from Wu Jian’s view. Every night, before Jian Tao went to sleep, he would stop by the memorial room to speak to Li Ling. Tonight was his first time he saw his son came to the Memorial Room this late. His heart ached so much to hear his son’s conversation with his mother that he wept silently, wiping his tears.

Flashbacks of him and Li Ling’s relationship came to his mind. He remembered the first time when they met.

Li Ling was taking a bath in a small waterfall lake. Jian Tao happened to walk by and saw two men peeked at her behind a nearby bush.

“Hey!” he shouted.

Startled by being caught, the men quickly fled. Li Ling also heard his voice and flew out of the lake. Big waves of water forced out of the lake as she flew up to cover her naked body, so nobody could see, as she got dressed in her white robe. Jian Tao froze in awe of her powerful skills, but that was not all, he saw the most beautiful woman dressing in front of him. Her ivory skin shined radiantly like the sun, hair as dark as night, and her eyes-big and golden brown that could capture anyone’s soul. She saw him gaped at her and got upset. She swung her arm sideways to direct water toward Jian Tao. He didn’t have time to react, and the next thing he knew, he was already drenched with water. As he wiped his face from being wet, she was already finished putting on her robe.

“You’ve misunderstood,” he said as he squeezed water from his wet clothes.

She flew out of the lake and landed gracefully onto the grass with her bare feet. She walked toward him as she spoke angrily, “If I misunderstood, then why didn’t you turn your head when you saw me?”

He folded his hand in front and bowed in front of her, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to. I saw two men peeking at you and …”

Li Ling didn’t let him finished and quickly grabbed one of his wrists. Jian Tao tried to pull his wrist away from her but her grip was too strong. With her quick fingers, she hit his acupuncture points on his chest to lock him in position.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Her face, inches away from his face, as her golden-brown eyes gazed into his. She used her “Soul Searching” powers to search deep into his thoughts to find the truth about the incident. She saw his entire life flashed before her eyes and saw all of the goodness of him. There was no faults whatsoever in his life; only pure and innocence. Then she finally saw the incident of her bathing. She broke the trance and let go of his wrist.

“You speak the truth.”

He rubbed his wrist and asked, “Are you a fairy?”

“Fairy; Mortals may call, but I am not. I’m a fallen immortal of the Celestial Realm, goddess Wu Li Ling, the queen of Wu Tribe.”
He was shocked to finally meet the queen of Wu Tribe. From what he heard, due to her reputation as a fallen immortal goddess, most men dared to not make her their queen. Those who did tried, ended up being humiliated by her for their unsuccessful attempts. Due to a short life span, Li Ling rather not spent her time on Mortal Realm to be in a relationship. She had only one important priority, and that was to find a suitable Mortal Protector to protect the realm.

He formally introduced himself, “My name is Wen Jian Tao.”

Jian Tao’s face lit up. He couldn’t believe how fortunate he was to meet her. He was an ordinary man that she chose as her Mortal Protector and later fell in love, got married, and gave birth to their son, Wen Long Wei. Due to her rapid aging and vulnerability to diseases, she handed Fan Li Hua, her close Wu Tribe’s sworn sister, to him to marry. After that, she passed away shortly within days.

He heard Wu Jian getting up, so Jian Tao darted out of the area before he was caught. Wu Jian left the room unnoticed of his father’s hidden presence.


Somewhere up in Wu Mountain’s cliff, Wu Jian and Jian Tao stood in front of the small waterfall scenery. Next to it was a hidden cave covered with overgrown vines and wild flowers. Wu Jian was amazed of the place and never knew it existed.

“Long Wei, this place was where your mother and I first met,” explained Jian Tao. Wu Jian looked up at his father in surprised. Jian Tao pointed at the lake and continued, “Over there was where she bathed when she saw me.” He slightly laughed as he reminisced the past. “She was upset that I peeked at her, but it was all a misunderstandi ng, and threw a big wave of water at me…”

Wu Jian chuckled. It reminded him of when Cecilia threw a bucket of water at him.

“This area became a sacred place where she taught me the Five Element Qi Sword techniques in complete isolation. After I mastered the divine skills, this place has remained untouched for many years.” Jian Tao placed his hand on his son’s shoulder, “Now, it will be your turn. Here, you’re surrounded by all the elements, so it will help you with your training.”

“How long do I have to stay here?”

“I’ve completed my training for a year and a half, just because your mother transferred her qi essence to me; but for you, it may be faster because you have inherited some of her qi essence. That is why you are able to learn martial arts faster than others and…” He looked at the sword that was in Wu Jian’s hand, “I believe that your internal qi won’t get depleted as fast as mine when using the Five Element Qi Sword.”

Wu Jian looked at the sword and then his father. “Was this why you cannot continue to be the Mortal Protector? This sword has consumed your energy throughout all of these years?”

“It’s a god sword that was created by your mother; so of course, any mortals will lose their energy by consuming it. But don’t worry; you will learn how to regenerate the energy that you have lost.” He turned to the cave, “Inside, you will find the hidden manual written on the walls. It was designed to only be seen by the Five Element Qi Sword’s chosen one. As you practice in total isolation, I will have a servant bring food and other necessities daily for you.”

Wu Jian nodded.

Jian Tao handed him a bag, “Here are your belongings. I wish you the best.” He patted Wu Jian on the shoulder and left.
Wu Jian watched his father walked away until he disappeared from his sight. Now, he was alone with nature. It was peaceful and quiet, which he enjoyed the most out of everything that has been happening to him. Being a Prince, there were heavy burdens that he had to carry; allied marriage, reputation, and his people’s wellbeing. Here, he doesn’t need to worry about any of those. He closed his eyes, raised his arms up to his side, and took a deep breath to smell the fresh moist air that came from the foliage and the misty water. He could hear the rushing water from the fall and chirping birds nearby.

“So this is how it feels to be free…”

After relaxing, he walked toward the vines covered cave and stood there. Then he pulled down the vines that hung over the entrance to the cave until it was big enough to let light in. He went inside and to his surprise; the cave was small and there were few furnished furniture made out rocks-a flatbed was on the other end of the wall, a flat table with stools on each side in the middle, and on the ground were some old straw baskets. Then he saw light coming from a smaller entrance to a cave and walked inside.

He noticed that the light came from above and not on the walls, so he tilted his head up to the ceiling and saw the writing was glowing.

He read it, “To master the Five Element Qi Sword Techniques, a combination of deep meditation and physical strength will awake one’s mind, body, and soul. When mastered, one’s internal qi will control all five elements: Fire, water, earth, wind, and metal with the sword.”

Then the words faded out, and a holographic image of a lady in white appeared in placed of it. Her beauty was exquisite and elegant-hair that surpassed to her knees, ivory skin, big golden brown eyes, and rosy heart-shaped lips. She started to show him sword moves. Every stroke that she made with the sword, it was smooth and filled with grace. The lady looked familiar to him and he wondered who she may be. Then it hit him.


He finally saw how his mother looked like. His father was right; she was a very beautiful woman indeed. Sadness began to fill his heart and mind; but fought it, so he could concentrate on the moves. The moves finally embedded into his mind, yet tears continued to stream down his face. After showing him the moves, the image of his mother turned to little particles and it dispersed violently everywhere onto the cave walls.


His heart sank, not wanting her to disappear, and the room began to dim down from the faded light particles. Then he wept in the dark. Seconds later, the room began to slowly light up again and he looked up. On the walls, he saw all of the sword stances that he just viewed, meditation techniques, and more writings.

“The Celestial Immortal Sutra?”

Days turned to weeks, and every day and night, he studied the Celestial Immortal Sutra and meditated it. In months, he began his sword trainings. His body moved with grace as if he was dancing-twisting and turning his body with the sword in his hand, flying midair with strokes and swings, and he felt his inner qi and strength increased.


While Wu Jian trained to be the Mortal Protector, Guo Wei and De Ming left to search the other three Mortal Protectors. The other Taoist students came to Wu Tribe and help their Elders take turns to bind the Demon Realm’s Seal. Jian Tao and Queen Li Hua watched over Wu Tribe and had set another date, after Wu Jian mastered the Five Elements Qi Sword techniques, for Wu Jian and Princess Xiu Rong to meet again.

As for Cecilia, she was taught to write, read, and cook by Xing Fu. Nevertheless, Guo Jing and Physician Wei taught her herbal medicines. As weeks turned to months, she had mastered all of the skills taught by them. They were impressed of her fast learning ability and knew it was because of her special qi. Her nightmares were also gone, so there was no more sleeping next to Xing Fu anymore. He was bummed at first, but he understood. Since their feelings for each other grew stronger than ever, it wouldn’t be a good idea for them to be physically that close. Her habits, they still accompanied her. She, Xing Fu, and the physicians learned to accept and deal with them. The only thing they did not know was her ability to fight; it still remained a secret and she hoped to leave it that way. Her interest in finding her lost memories and Kai faded through the months. It was replaced by hard work of learned skills and people she surrounded with, especially with Xing Fu. Their relationship bloomed and became inseparable. Everywhere they went; they were together. They held hands, cuddled, fed each other, however; through all of the affections, he had not kissed her yet. He wanted it to wait for that special moment in which he already had it planned.

She finally had her wish. She no longer Cecilia Lin anymore; she was now Xiao Xing.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Interesting story, surikoo. 

A few things:

1.  You mentioned that some characters were in their 40's and some were middle aged.  What is middle age to you because middle age to me is between 40 and 60.  Middle age is too broad to describe a character.

2.  Kai bought an engagement ring and was going to propose to Cici, that's cute, but I don't see the importants of this.  First, a ring I believe is a western idea but you are using it in an eastern story.  If someone did not know western culture, they would wonder why a diamond ring.

3.  Why did they have separate rooms?  Why not have them room together?  Otherwise explain the culture.  I thought it was weird they did not share a room and I didn't understand why.

4.  Once Cici ended up in the other world, whatever happened to Kai?  It's like his story just ended, yet at the beginning, he seemed like a protagonist.

5.  Why include the Russia terrorist?  It just seemed like two different stories.

6.  As for Cici, she seemed like two different characters: shy, giggly, and clueless, and maybe 10 years old, AND then, smart, brave, and a fighter...agew ise, early 20's.  I tried to get a clear image of her but it was just too unrealistic.  Also, when Xing Fu teaches Cecilia to cook, read, and write, it's kind of disgusting.  Maybe it's a fetish for some Asian men to teach innocent girls (who've lost their memory) but from my perspective, it's not looking good.  What you can do though is say Xing fu has a sister or a group of girl friends who help Cici with the cooking and reading and other chores while he was able spend a couple of hours a day reading with her.  Something like that where it makes more sense and doesn't look so yucky.  Another thing, Cici was the only girl, aside from the queen but the queen seemed to be on a whole different level.  Why not include more girls?

There were also grammatical errors but you did say your English isn't that great so I let that slide.

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