Author Topic: 1990 Honda Civic Station wagon AWD Automatic  (Read 3947 times)

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1990 Honda Civic Station wagon AWD Automatic
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:06:59 AM »
Just wondering if anybody would like to buy it. I recently bought this car for $750 about a hour away from where I live. There was some issues with the car the owner didn't tell me. The car was not registered and had no license plate so I did everything to avoid a ticket. Clean title. Location Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Problems that i have found:
Gas lines under the car leak when gas is pump full.
Engine coolant temperature sensor broke off. Still stuck on the head. Won't start if it doesn't read the sensor so they just have it hook up. As of now it doesn't read the temperature on the cluster.
Passenger side rear tire is flat.
The muffler has hole so its loud

Selling for $600 obo if you want to buy it PM for contact number

I have pictures only if your serious :)

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Re: 1990 Honda Civic Station wagon AWD Automatic
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2014, 03:17:08 PM »
The 3 rules of used car buying.

Rule #1: Bring a friend who knows about cars and work on cars to check out the car. If you have no such friend then bring a friend who thinks he knows about cars. If you still have no such friends then bring a mechanic. (Mechanics can be just as shaddy as your shaddy friend so bring one you trust or at least know what he is doing)

Rule#2: If you estimate that you need to spend more 1/4 the cost of the car to get it running then walk away because that 1/4 estimate will end doubling/tripling. If you have to spend more on the car than what it's worth to get it running then walk away. It it smells shaddy, feels shaddy then walk away.

Rule#3: See rule #2.

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