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Professor Rant -
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:32:15 AM »
Just felt like venting.

Professor A.

You are a terrible example of a professor.  Knowledgeable? yes.  Helpful? in theory, yes.  Friendly? somewhat.
What makes you terrible is that you are constantly lying to your students.  You keep telling us that we are taking a hybrid course, so as part of the course, you can see what we do as long as we are signed into the class.  You are very good with emails excluding Sundays.

I emailed you on Wednesday, it is now Saturday.  And you haven't responded back.  I emailed you again today and you didn't reply back.  My classmates said the same thing about you not responding back in a timely manner.

And this isn't the first time you fail to respond in a timely manner.  I emailed you before school started asking for your syllabus, you didn't respond.  I emailed you within the first week asking for clarification on the book since there was 2, one with a cd, one without.  You didn't respond.  WHen I came to ask you in person, you said you got the emails which made no sense why you didn't respond.  So when I did ask, you said no we don't need the cd.  two week later you changed your mind.  WTF? I can't return the book and that cd cost an extra 40 dollars.

How are you a thesis advisor if you are terrible with responses and decisions?

You told me you can't respond quickly because you have alot of students.  And that I understand.  You probably get tons of emails everyday.  But guess what? SO DOES EVERY OTHER PROFESSOR!  Especially the undergrad and grad program coordinators.  But, guess what?  They respond back in a timely manner within 1-3 days, most of the time it's within 1 day.  Even if they don't have answers to a question they atleast have the courtesy to say, "I will try to find an answer and get back to you as soon as possible." 

They are not hybrid course professors so we are never required to get online to speak with them.  You require it.  But you're attendance is terrible.  We can't even use the class discussion board to talk to you since you NEVER respond.

Word of advice. Don't teach hybrid courses, you suck at it.

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Re: Professor Rant -
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 03:46:30 PM »
I know the feeling.  I too sometimes very late in replying to emails.  You should mention this in your student evaluation or even send an email to the department chair. 

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Re: Professor Rant -
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2020, 07:32:10 PM »
here, i'll vent too even tho my experience was a lifetime ago haha

dear professor N
you may be the leading voice in neuropsych but i will listen to my music as loud as i want. my earbuds are in my ears, not yours and just cus i sit in the front, because i actually want to learn, doesn't mean you get a say in what i listen too.. and this was before class so mind your own beeswax. also, you know the extenuation i asked for regarding the paper you want us to write? well, the accident was a lie cus it never happen. i just didn't care for your stupid paper so i didn't feel like writing it hahah but thanks for the grade anyway. i half assed it all. your comment was well received! 

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