Author Topic: The filters were pretty dirty but I saved about $200 doing it myself  (Read 4611 times)

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Before starting turn the pumps off.


1. Tools needed:

2. Pull the filters out by unlocking the cover:

3. Hose down the heavy dirt and debris:

4. Soak the filters in water with dishwasher detergent overnight to loosen up the dirt and debris between the fins:

5. Hose it down again until filters are clean and white:

6. Pull the screen cups out and clean it:

7. Flush out the remaining debris from the pump:

8. Check for worn out, and/or cracked O-rings and if needed, get a new replacement ring like so:

9. Install the filters by lining it up using the arrows:

10. Grease and install the new O-ring on the pump cap:

11. Line the screen cup correctly before capping it:

12. Once everything is closed up, open the pressure valve to bleed air out of the system:

13. Turn the pumps on and when it build enough pressure to shoot out a solid stream of water out of the pressure valve like so, close it up:

14. Check to make sure pressure is good on the gauge and if so, the job is complete:

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Re: The filters were pretty dirty but I saved about $200 doing it myself
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 11:44:11 AM »
What kind of filter or drainage is that, is it your basement or backyar/patio drain?

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