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Re: Bisexual and Lesbian
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2016, 05:06:15 PM »
Props to you for being honest with who you are and stepping forward, it really gives courage to those who maybe in a similar situation.

I agree with the supportive replies. It's tough being bi/gay/lesbian in the US, even worst in the Hmong community. I only know 1 relative that has openly admitted to being bi/gay/lesbian. Currently she's happily married. Just sad that she waited until her mid 30s before she had the courage to be open about it. Surprisingly, most of the relatives within our branch of the clan are in support even a few elders.

Also support those who fall into the trans-category. Transsexual, transgender & transvestite.

Personally haven't met a transsexual. Freshman college, dormed with 2 transgenders on our floor. Two cool guys, wasn't long before most in our dorm were referring to them as "girls and her." Those who were offended basically asked for new dorm assignment during the 1st week. Only met a transvestite once, Cali NY he was Hmong. Could of been a transgender as well, never inquired about his sexual preference. Cool dude. His makeup was on point, he could give pointers to most Hmong girls that attended.

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