Author Topic: Hmong Marijuana workers to robbed in CA...  (Read 5914 times)

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Re: Hmong Marijuana workers to robbed in CA...
« Reply #15 on: January 01, 2017, 10:14:18 AM »
I never referred them to that name until I start seeing it too much on tv these day.  Then I start hearing how Hmong people will always said pig in Hmong referring to them too.    It get me confused because I don't associated or talk to Hmong people at all so when I hear words it just what.... At the same time when I watched Hmong womans fights and argues half of those words they are using Im clueless...... .

You're funnie, I was the same way too.

Back in my "racing in mexico" days, when I first heard them being referred to as "boua"... I  didn't know what folks was talking about!

I acted like I knew but I didn't, after a putting 2 and 2 together, I figured out what the word was meant for!

And yes, whenever hmong ladies be fighting, they be calling each other that name too!

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I went through all 15k posts and those 2 quotes I found were the only ones so I guess that would make it "everytime".  Feel free to go through all 15k posts and verify by quoting them all.  You need to quote them all to verifying prove "everytime".   Please verify that Im wrong.