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SAO: Hollow Realization
« on: November 03, 2016, 06:22:55 PM »
Saw this on my feed and thought..  Oh. an SAO game coming out for ps4?  Hmm.. could be a great concept for a MMO considering it is an MMO.

and we get this.

Graphics - looks like the anime. no arguments. I don't mind it. Enjoy this style.
music - that music sounds awesome and epic.
gameplay - This is the best you can do?
It is an anime with a story around MMO, but that's not even what this is?
I can do without online. I don't need it to enjoy an mmo as long as it carries a feel (not the intense grind). SWTOR would've been a great offline game.  Xenoblade was more or less the same just needed a better structured questline.  They felt so farfetched.
1. Where is the online aspect?
2. Why does the boss stand there?
3. How did you make action-combat/hack-n-slash styled gameplay look boring?  Yea it gets worn out after several hours, but this vid alone makes it look boring.

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