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  • Invitation to post on PebHmong Calendar: November 23, 2016

Author Topic: Invitation to use the PebHmong Calendar for announcements  (Read 3703 times)

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Invitation to use the PebHmong Calendar for announcements
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:09:58 PM »
On behalf of the PebHmong Admin Team, I invite all users to use the PebHmong Calendar to announce events around the world.

The PebHmong Calendar keeps your events organized by dates with easy viewing and worldwide access so that all those far and near can see what is happening where you are.

This is an advantage to posting at the "Event Announcements" forum alone.  If you use only the "Event Announcements" forum to post your events, your posts will not be organized by dates and won't be in order.  They will be harder to find because replies to the posts will bump them up above other events that may not have yet taken place. 

The PebHmong Calendar will set things straight so that past events will not interfere with current or upcoming events. That makes it easier for viewers to see what's coming and what no longer needs to be viewed.

Those who view the Calendar postings can then go to the "Event Announcements" for more details if what have been posted on the Calendar page aren't enough.

Posting there is easy. 

Just click on the Calendar link on top of the PebHmong front page and on "Post Event" at the drop-down selection.,5.0.html

That opens up the Calendar where you can now type in the title of your event on the subject line.;sa=post

From there, click on the drop-down link to choose the number of days you want your event to post. (If you want to post your event for just one day, it is best to post it right on the date of the event.)

Then click on "Link Event to Post."

The far right hand drop-down menu gives you the various fora (forums) that you can choose to post your event at, besides at the Calendar page.

Choose a forum.

Then click "Post."

A new page opens up at the forum you have chosen for your event to appear at.;sa=post

Fill in your event's details and post it. 

Your event now appears at both places: at the Calendar page and also at the forum you have chosen.

You can change any detail as you like at any time and from anywhere. Viewers will see the changes the very second you post them up.

The PebHmong Calendar is free and accessible worldwide.  Those in countries, states, or cities away from your event's location will get the news at least. Those local to your location will have the information needed to attend your event.

All legal events and activities--both personal and business--that you choose to make public can be posted there.

We encourage all users to use the PebHmong Calendar for all of your events, even some family gatherings at your choosing.

If our instructions are not clear or if you would like us to further help you post your events, please feel free to send them to me via private message.


PS: The above writing is just to elaborate what's  self-explanatory on the Calendar page. You may not need them once you've clicked on the Calendar and look at it.

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