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Nintendo Switch
« on: June 05, 2017, 08:09:48 PM »
Went to visit my brother and his kids and got to mess with his switch a bit.
Only had Zelda so I didn't play since I have Zelda.


Ways to play -

Switch screen with joycons attached to the side.
This feels very natural.  It doesn't feel super cheap like the wiiu. it's not bulky.  it reminds me more of a PSP just with a better button layout.  It's nice. 

Joycons by themselves (2 controllers)
This sucks. They feel cheap.  light too. it makes the wiimote feel higher quality.
Not to mention being tiny and while I get why the buttons are placed that way.  The layout is odd.  You have a joystick in the middle of the controller making for awkward grip.

Joycons on the attachment - This is tiny as well. It looks fat and big in pictures. but nope its tiny.  Size comparison. If you ever used the old fat brick gameboy.  That's about the size.  It feels about the same.

So unless you reallly have to or want to.  the bottom 2 playstyle is not worth the struggle. but more ways to play is pretty cool and convenient. they slide off easily and unless you break the unlock buttons.  they won't just fall off so there's that.

Was told the battery life is roughly 3 hours for zelda only which i guess isn't so bad.

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