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« on: June 06, 2017, 01:02:14 AM »
Got a new phone.  Just using my brother's phone.

Galaxy S6 Active.

It's a major upgrade from my Iphone 5 obviously.

But impressions so far aside from the specs:

I HATE THE SIDE POWER BUTTON! I'm forever accidentally hitting it. Maybe you can change the functionality. but it is irritating. The "active" button or whatever is called isn't as bad because it's higher up, but the power button is close to the middle so it's annoying.

Still getting used to the back button. More used to just sliding.

The bloated Apps.
Yes Apple has it too.  But there's not that many.
There are the AT&T apps. Google Apps. Samsung Apps. So much crap.

But all in all.  There isn't glaring differences.  bigger screen, better phone quality, better photo quality but obviously that's expected. 
All in all I like it. takes a bit to get used to. 

There is one thing I do like better and knock on wood because it might change. I don't get a message every other week "A new update is ready" and this new update contains shit but takes up a huge chunk of storage.

This whole Android vs Apple is rather marketing nonsense.

It's not PC vs Mac. I can tell you that for sure. There are noticeable differences between PC and Mac.

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