Author Topic: Kids these days don't know how good they got it... and probably in the next 10  (Read 3296 times)

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Life like graphic's will be here for sure and it'll be the norm...

Man... back in the day... it was like...

If you had a snes or genesis..  that was like top graphics!

We had an Atari, then got a genesis, then I bought a 32x and the sega CD(man all my hard earned money just to spend it on those things!), then my bro bought a n64 for all of us for xmas, then I eventually bought a ps2(two of them), then a ps3, my bro bought a xbox 360, I also bought a 360... and then we eventually just stopped...

But dang! Some of the graphics nowadays... I thought ps3 and xbox 360 was good but reflecting on it now.. it's pale in comparison.

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I went through all 15k posts and those 2 quotes I found were the only ones so I guess that would make it "everytime".  Feel free to go through all 15k posts and verify by quoting them all.  You need to quote them all to verifying prove "everytime".   Please verify that Im wrong.