Author Topic: What People Lack These Days, Including Christians, is....  (Read 274 times)

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What People Lack These Days, Including Christians, is....
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:44:32 AM »
...discernment to see God's truth.

The Devil is a sneaky one. The truth won't be obvious to those who do not pledge their life to God.

Those who do not fear God do not gain wisdom.

"[For] the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Proverbs 9:10

Take this statement for example. "It is a woman's right to sleep with her sister's consenting husband."

Those who are only concerned with women's right will agree. On the other hand, those who value marriage will disagree. So who is right?

In a secular world run on moral relativism, the first group can easily present sound arguments. For example. What if the sister is only a stepsister? Maybe the sister's are bitter enemies and haven't spoken in years. Perhaps the sister is abusive to her husband. And what if the husband was initially the woman's lover before the sister tricked him into marriage. By those arguments alone, secularists and moral relativists would not only side with the woman's affair with her sister's husband, but they would celebrate it.

Again, the Devil is a sly one, which is why we need God's truth.

God's truth is to respect the marriage. The second group is right in God's view.

This is why those who support the modern Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been duped. Like the Devil, they include half truths in all their platforms. But half truths are the same thing as a full lie.

This is why it is wise to put all Democratic platforms under a microscope if the lie isn't blatantly obvious to you. They will attach all sorts of atrocities to women's rights. They will speak against racism in the name of compassion, all the while discriminating against those they claim to care about. For example, if you are for blacks then shouldn't you be for all blacks including black conservatives? Climate Change is yet again another big hoax. In order to redistribute wealth and strip Americans of their livelihood, they come under the guise of Climate Change. "Ahhh yes, give me your money so I can go fight the rise of carbon emission" all the while knowing full well that you can't fight carbon emission. The planet is going to do what it does.

Half truths = full lies.

And it is truly unfortunate that liberal supporters have absolutely no discernment whatsoever because they have rejected God for the fake god of science.

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Re: What People Lack These Days, Including Christians, is....
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 02:03:14 AM »
Those who do not know the Bible will accept the Devil's lies.

Who knows the Bible better than the Devil, himself?

Was it not Satan who told Eve that she would not die from the fruit but come to be like God, knowing good from evil? Half truth = full lie.

The one thing about supporting the Democratic Party is that like the Devil, they always come to collect their dues.

A lot of minorities who support the Democratic Party actually don't believe in their ideology at all. They don't support same-sex, transgenderism, neo-feminism, or a free lunch. Most minority groups who come from developing countries embrace family values and understand the importance of hard work. They denounce idleness and those who contribute little to none. But because of identity politics, the Democratic party has created a fake phantom enemy to unite these groups. The term is called "intersectional ity" where people who have ever felt bullied or outcasted come together even if their grievances are like night and day. For example, being gay is not the same thing as being black, but Democrats insist that it is. The fake enemy they've created is RACISM. These groups feel like they can unite on RACISM, as if people on the right don't experience racism and discrimination either.  ::)

But racism is just a phantom. It doesn't exist in the context that Liberals try to paint it as. It's not tangible. Yet, cry out racism and all their followers get outrage. It's a cult! The Democratic Party is a cult.

How do I know this? Whenever I see a Hmong become so enraged because of the word "racism", I just laugh but inside I also feel sad that Hmong are so easily indoctrinated.

Once they can't rile people up over racism they'll move on to the next thing.

It's fake unity.

But like I said, they always come to collect their dues. Now they have black leaders defending DACA, a program that further decimates black communities and replaces black employees for jobs. It boggles my mind that any Hmong Californian would support DACA. But all these liberal minorities have to because they have to pay their master. The Devil is here to collect his dues.

A few months ago, Bill Maher dropped the n-word on cable tv before millions of viewers. Normally, this would incite rage, protest, property destruction and so on from the Black Left. What did they do instead? Act like servants, "yessir, yes ma'am."

A real tragedy. This is the new plantation.

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