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Combat Arms... Man..
« on: December 27, 2017, 01:32:45 PM »
I use to be good at it..

And folks would be saying I'm cheating or aimbot... 


Well I would constantly get head shots in a row and constantly get head shots on the same persons too...

I remember when a guy said "You're cheating!  Look at your headshot percentage!"

But um... I never cheated or aimbot.

And then me and my brothers would all team up and be on the same team.. It was game over for the other teams.

I remember when it first came out and was still in the early stages..I was a beast!  I thought so anyways..

I remember everyone on my team would be afraid to go charging into the other base etc etc.. but I would just go anyways.. and wreck havoc...  I'd go straight at the players..

I never paid for upgrades or weapons or armor etc.. I'd just used the free stuff.

It was fun.

The zombie mode was fun too defending the cabin/shed.

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