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Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« Reply #210 on: September 10, 2021, 07:46:39 PM »
she asked me if i ever have doubts about her..i told her i'm only one foot in and one foot out and so should you...lols she didn't like my answer, but it's IMO as realistically as it i told her, everything is a gamble, a risk...for her, i decided that the risk was worth taking, and to leave it at that...she left to work without saying a word...and now she's not back yet, saying she's doing some grocery shopping and what kind of beer i want...that only means she is confused- she never buys beer for now i'm thinking, i probably cast some doubts on her, now i'm thinking, in a delima- should i say what she wants to hear.maybe clarify and convey in a more understanding way...honesty has a price too, and that price can be too much to handle sometimes...we ll i think its my honest answer..i would be lying to her if i said, no, no doubts, i know you are the one...haha hell, it wasn't like i was being selfish..i even told her, basically saying to her, she shouldn't trust me 100% either...lols yup i'm confused now too..a little..i disliked it when i feel like she purposely come up with some of these tough questions for me..lols to me i just like to go with the flow, until something comes up, i'll deal with it...she likes to plan ahead, needs assurance some sort...maybe i need to take a course on how to show more affection and how to be romantic again...i think she needs more of that from me...better do it, before some other guy does...lols

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