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Re: Food Review
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2018, 08:46:05 PM »

Flame and Fire Brazillian BBQ
It's fine dining. excellent service.  Really neat experience.

The food however was disappointing.  Filet Mignon.. how could you mess that up? Oh i know. wrap it in bacon. I love bacon. and i love steak. but bacon is too overpowering, you can't taste the steak anymore.

Other food. parmesian chicken. top sirloin. bottom sirloin. pork ribs. bacon wrapped chicken. brazillian sausage.
- not a fan of all that parmesian.. top sirloin. great . bottom sirloin. not bad. pork ribs. great. chicken.. too dry but bacon helps this time around. sausage. good.

$50 a person so think first before going. worth a shot for the experience.

Thai Issan


I went in thinking. It's a thai restaurant obviously.  but i've never seen them serve kaopoon.
stepped inside and there's hmong music playing!

Turns out it's both hmong and thai. husband hmong. wife is thai. family owned.  very nice owners, friendly, talkative.   They asked me what i thought of the food and place and stated "be honest please."  good conversation.

Food. well kaopoon isn't bad. need a bit more of the red sauce, but enjoyable. pho was decent. all the meat you want!

at $10. yea it's definitely worth it! If ever in Florin area, give it a try.

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