Author Topic: 8 things every woman needs to know about men  (Read 387 times)

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8 things every woman needs to know about men
« on: July 06, 2018, 04:11:25 PM »
well...I'll try to sound as expertise and intelligent as possible alright...lols

1- Judging- men can be extremely shy...even more so than a school girl...lols so he's not always going to lay down his best cards upfront. so he definitely likes it when a girl can look for potential instead of first impressions. looking past the perimeters is what some would call it.

2- Upfront and on point-- men are bad with cues, clues, and signs..if you are upfront and say you want to go to a particular restaurant..ju st say you want to go to this Italian Cafe...Instead of saying, "I am craving for pasta"...he might just grab you some precook pasta from the store instead...lols

3- like women, men love's a confident person.. yeah..i think..

4- running out of ideas here folks...

5- most men don't care if you're not high maintenance... like make up, and latest fashion long as he finds you attractive to can be wearing a dress from the 50's and he'd think it's the latest fashion trend...lols

6- it's not always about men, if you have a excellent understanding and game for the opposite sex..and you just average at best in the looks department, you can still get them...Any man who only goes for looks, you already know he doesn't score often with the ladies anyway...haha

7- don't insult his manhood...if you keep wearing the pants, he will think you don't think he's manly enough for you...or that you're too masculine for him...

8- sex need to explain here....lols

and of course, as people age....some of these things are no longer or not as important...bu t this is in general....lik e for couples in their uhh 50's and probably can grow a mustache and he wouldn't care....anymor e...lols

well ladies...good luck with my  shitty advices...I can't speak for all the men out there...but I think all great men would think alike.lols 8)

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Re: 8 things every woman needs to know about men
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 11:04:51 PM »

Yeah..., agree!

Until she meet the sociopath who looks right into her ducking eyes and tell her and say exactly what she want to hear.  Bam!!! 

Every ducking girl should be taught this basic dating skill until she turns Lesbian. 

What?  Kill the messanger?

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