Author Topic: why you don't always get the girl  (Read 309 times)

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why you don't always get the girl
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:18:07 PM »
folks, the bottom line can have the best game possible. A-game, alpha male all around....but if she has a soulmate out there somewhere....y ou're at a huge disadvantage. this is when you fold, and move on to the next...this is sometimes why, the real reason affairs happen. So you got to got to feel like you got the leverage over the billions of other guys out do you know? well you just know...if you don't know...then you already know that she's not the one...and that is why you should never believe anyone who tells you there are "secrets" to getting the girl...there's only knowledge, understanding, and game. haha 8)

so yes, if a girl ever tells you she believes in soulmates...yo u already best not to give all your heart to want girls who wants to see what you got, and if she likes, she takes...hahaha

unfortunately, for me....i did once have a soulmate...but I cannot love her the same no more. she's been with too many that gives me the right to be a porn star...hahaha lols

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