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Saw Predator...
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:59:39 PM »

It was...

Ok I guess...

The dogs were obviously toooooo  cgi..

I met a girl there...

She's a girl... and she was like... she didn't like how Hollywood is always got to put a girl in a movie that saves the day or is kicking butt....or taking a lot of physical punishment and not be even dead...  she said she don't like it..

She doesn't like it becuase it's just not realistic... especially since the girl is like skinnie..

I just thought it funnie coming from a women that's all.

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I went through all 15k posts and those 2 quotes I found were the only ones so I guess that would make it "everytime".  Feel free to go through all 15k posts and verify by quoting them all.  You need to quote them all to verifying prove "everytime".   Please verify that Im wrong.