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Test Your Knowledge
« on: November 25, 2018, 12:05:47 AM »
Each questions worth 2 points. You may not use Google to search for answers; it's considered 'cheating' due to your lack of education around these areas. If you don't know the answer I suggest you guess it. You might be lucky you chose the right answer. Some of these important subjects came from the school or church you've learned. Good luck! ;)

Please use orange highlight and put your answer in bold.

For example:

Harrison Ford starred in the action film 'Raiders of the Lost ...'?
A.   Ark
B.   Keys
C.   Wallet
D.   Umbrella

Which metallic element has the chemical symbol Fe?
A.   Aluminum
B.   Gold
C.   Mercury
D.   Iron


1. According to the proverb, what can you not judge 'by its cover?' 2 points
A.   A duvet
B.   A book
C.   A CD
D.   A cushion

2. What is a male duck called? 2 points
A.   Drake
B.   Rooster
C.   Tom
D.   Cob

3. In the titles of two Eddie Murphy films, Sherman Klump is known as 'The Nutty ...'? 2 points
A.   Cop
B.   Professor
C.   Teacher
D.   Vampire

4. The word 'velocity' is often used as an alternative for what? 2 points
A.   Speed
B.   Gradient
C.   Height
D.   Resistance

5. In 1961, Harper Lee won the Pulitzer prize for fiction with 'To Kill A ...'? 2 points
A.   Oriole
B.   Cardinal
C.   Mockingbird
D.   Bluebird
6. Which of these phrases means speaking quietly, in an undertone? 2 points
A.   Sub judice
B.   Mea culpa
C.   Cup de grace
D.   Sotto voce

7. Which part of the human body is directly affected by impetigo? 2 points
A.   Lungs
B.   Heart
C.   Skin
D.   Kidney

8. In the Bible, who asked for the head of John the Baptist? 2 points
A.   Salome
B.   Ruth
C.   Delilah
D.   Queen of Sheba

9. What word describes either of the times when the sun is furthest from the equator at noon? 2 points
A.   Meridian
B.   Equniox
C.   Solstice
D.   Dog day

10. In which country is the Cannes film festival held each year? 2 points
A.   Germany
B.   UK
C.   Canada
D.   France

11. According to the title of a Strauss Waltz, what color is the Danube? 2 points
A.   Green
B.   Black
C.   Blue
D.   Pink

12. Who is most likely to 'loop the loop'? 2 points
A.   Pilot
B.   Blacksmith
C.   Thatcher
D.   Tailor

13. What type of juice is extracted from oranges? 2 points
A.   Orange juice
B.   Lemon juice
C.   Cranberry juice
D.   Pineapple juice

14. According to the saying, sticks and stones may break your bones, but what will never hurt you? 2 points
A.   Words
B.   Work
C.   Worms
D.   Writs

15. Which of these is not one of the seven colours of the spectrum? 2 points
A.   Violet
B.   Grey
C.   Indigo
D.   Orange

16. In the abbreviation G-force, what does the 'G' stand for? 2 points
A.   Gold
B.   Gas
C.   Group
D.   Gravity

17. Which former country used to compete at the Olympics as the GDR? 2 points
A.   Czechoslovakia
B.   North Vietnam
C.   East Germany
D.   Soviet Union

18. What sort of creature is a dachshund? 2 points
A.   Hedgehog
B.   Dog
C.   Squirrel
D.   Cat

19. By which of these abbreviations was the former Soviet Union known? 2 points

20. What was the destination of the Titanic when she sank in 1912? 2 points
A.   Rio de Janeiro
B.   Cape Town
C.   California
D.   New York

21. In which building does the president of the USA live? 2 points
A.   Black House
B.   White House
C.   Red House
D.   Out House

22. Which of these can carry traffic and people over a river? 2 points
A.   Ladder
B.   Pipe
C.   Bridge
D.   Escalator

23. What percentage of fifty is twenty-five? 2 points
A.   0.1
B.   0.2
C.   0.25
D.   0.5

24. How does a game of golf usually begin? 2 points
A.   Trot off
B.   Tee off
C.   Play off
D.   Shove off

25. What color submarine was the title of a hit single for The Beatles? 2 points
A.   Purple
B.   Yellow
C.   Orange
D.   Pink

26. As what is saccharin mainly used? 2 points
A.   Adhesive
B.   Sweetener
C.   Whitener
D.   Solvent

27. What is the name of Barbie's gentleman friend? 2 points
A.   Keith
B.   Kyle
C.   Ken
D.   Kerry

28. What type of bird is the cartoon character Tweety Pie, the target of the cat Sylvester? 2 points
A.   Owl
B.   Canary
C.   Chicken
D.   Ostrich

29. Which of these games requires a racket? 2 points
A.   Chess
B.   Pool
C.   Squash
D.   Golf

30. In 'The Simpsons', what is the name of Bart's best friend? 2 points
A.   Merrill
B.   Milhous
C.   Murray
D.   Melvin

31. What are placed over the ears to listen to music? 2 points
A.   Microphones
B.   Telephones
C.   Headphones
D.   Xylophones

32. By what name is the small Volkswagen car, first produced in the 1930s, known? 2 points
A.   Earwig
B.   Beetle
C.   Termite
D.   Millipede

33. Complete the name of this famous gold medal-winning Olympian, Mark ...? 2 points
A.   Koffz
B.   Sniff
C.   Snifflez
D.   Spitz

34. On which continent would you be if you were traveling across the Sahara? 2 points
A.   Australia
B.   South America
C.   Asia
D.   Africa

35. The island of Majorca is administered by which country? 2 points
A.   France
B.   Spain
C.   Portugal
D.   Italy

36. What is the title of Duran Duran's smash hit album of 1982? 2 points
A.   Duo
B.   Neo
C.   Rio
D.   Tuo

37. Which of these words means not cooked? 2 points
A.   Grilled
B.   Boiled
C.   Roasted
D.   Raw

38. According to the saying, to know somewhere well is to know it 'like the back of your ...? 2 points
A.   Hand
B.   Head
C.   House
D.   Hotel

39. What do tullips grown from? 2 points
A.   Bulbs
B.   Switches
C.   Circuits
D.   Lampshades

40. Which of these is a small fly similar to a mosquito? 2 points
A.   Gnu
B.   Gnat
C.   Gnaw
D.   Gnarl

41. In classical mythology, who was the leader of the Argonauts? 2 points
A.   Wayne
B.   Adrian
C.   Jason
D.   Kevin

42. 'Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.  Aren't you?' Is a celebrated line from which film? 2 points
A.   The Lecturer
B.   The Tutor
C.   The Professor
D.   The Graduate

43. Who was beaten by Muhammad Ali in the 'Rumble in the Jungle'? 2 points
A.   Joe Frazier
B.   Sonny Liston
C.   George Foreman
D.   Floyd Patterson

44. The DDR and the GDR United to form which country? 2 points
A.   Vietnam
B.   Yemen
C.   Germany
D.   Czechoslovakia

45. Who wrote the opera 'Turandot'? 2 points
A.   Verdi
B.   Rossini
C.   Bellini
D.   Puccini

46. What color paint is mixed with red to make orange? 2 points
A.   Yellow
B.   Blue
C.   Black
D.   White

47. What is the hard glossy substance that covers the crown of a tooth called? 2 points
A.   Enamel
B.   Egg
C.   Earwax
D.   Eyelash

48. What is the name of Dr. Dolittle's pet parrot? 2 points
A.   Polyfilla
B.   Polydor
C.   Polynesia
D.   Polyester

49. Which controversial comedy cartoon was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone? 2 points
A.   West Green
B.   North Gardens
C.   South Park
D.   East Fields

50. What can go before 'square', 'economy', 'garden' and 'research' to make new terms? 2 points
A.   Shop
B.   Bazaar
C.   Mall
D.   Market

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