Author Topic: the bad thing about some of these high paying jobs  (Read 108 times)

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the bad thing about some of these high paying jobs
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:31:04 AM »
is that most people you work with are some of the deepest brown nose drillers with the biggest egos ever, and those above you expects you to be such...they feel entitled to expect you to be a serious brown nose driller....lik e "we're paying you this much, you better show you appreciate us"...

yeah, just thinking about a time...when I found a job that paid 14 bucks an hour...this was 20 years ago when, making 10 a hour was considered a lot...lols I was still pretty young, and i really thought it was a "divine intervention" for me to get this job...lols man boy focking was I wrong....the most disrespectful, rude, brown nose drilling son of hahaes ever.....I mean, people actually telling u to walk faster??? people actually raising their voice at you expecting you to know the rules on the first day?? fock....seriou sly??

I walked out of that job as soon as I realize how shitty it really was.....last I heard...that shit bag place got booted from its contractor and is probably non-existent now...haha so don't focking screw around with the curse here, baby!! fooking hahaes...haha

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Re: the bad thing about some of these high paying jobs
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2018, 11:30:06 AM »
I hate people like that.  I used to have this guy who worked part time under my supervision.  He'd come in and say stuff like "Well, my wife and I went to visit our very good friend, XXXX, the president of the company last Thursday and his home was lovely, blah blah". 

One day I had my boss ask about their relationship and my boss came back and said "Oh, he says he barely knows the guy, their wives belong to a sewing club that meets every Thursday and that day, his wife invited everyone to their house for the meeting".

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Re: the bad thing about some of these high paying jobs
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2018, 12:28:09 PM »
I hated it more them people don't know their roots. 

Like when they first got hired, who was there to make them feel comfortable at home and asked if he wants to roll with my team for lunch?

Then once the bloke worked a few and caught on the corporate America roles and with his first salary paycheck, he went to trade in his old azz beater like really, a truly fawked up homeless person car for a brand new BMW, that fool don't know who we are anymore.  He works with a different department so he is out of my jurisdiction so I can't grade the fool but people like that irks me. 

Dot bomb came and they all lost their jobs so bye bye new car for dude.  I was kept but took a big pay cut but that's ok, we structured the work again and took it from $13 a share to dying about $2 to now at $60 a share. 

I know my roots and I still eat with the lowest paying personnel there, the old janitor guy.  I pay for lunch always.  Big bank takes care of little bank. 

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