Author Topic: This dude doesn't want to stop until his family is the size of a football team  (Read 110 times)

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I say if he can do it with his own resources, more power to him... O0:

Philip Rivers won't stop until he has a family the size of a football team. The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback has six daughters and two sons, but on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Monday, Rivers said that he has no intention of stopping at eight kids.

"No. Heck no," Rivers said (note that this man still isn't cursing after eight children). "I hope not."

The 36-year-old quarterback added that his wife, Tiffany, is OK with that.

"Oh yeah, she's all-in," he said.

Here's a photo of his 8 kids and number 9 is coming out to join him in March...:

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