Author Topic: read the QURAN too, it is also a really violent book  (Read 366 times)

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Re: read the QURAN too, it is also a really violent book
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2019, 09:32:38 AM »
I don't think you have met him. You should go see him and he will scare you. He's like this guy:

He still does this though. If you don't believe witchcrafts and voodoos are true, I would suggest you should look into it since the Bible has spoken about witches and warlocks are able to see things beyond than the naked eye.

Some people believe in their religion so much that they will dismiss rational explanations and replace it with their own religious explanations. A lot of times, it has nothing to do with and/or even goes against their religion.  And I'm sure that not everyone is lying about their experiences, but rather it's because for some, they believed it so much that they end up being delusional.

An example of dismissing rational explanations in that video is the time that he claimed to have been blind because of the devil punishing him for wanting to have time away from the devil for a year. And after a year, got his sight back because he went back to the devil. That was his explanation for getting his eyesight back, but dismissed the 7 surgeries he underwent to have had anything to do with the return of his eyesight.

Concerning witches and warlocks in the bible, there's no evidence showing that they were real, as in having magical abilities. And let's just supposed the is historically correct for the sake of this aruguemnt, what's shown in it just proves that there were people who claimed to be necromancer or fortunetellers . Or that there were people that existed who practiced that belief system. Many of the bible verses only talked about being against it whether it's following the belief, seeking one's service, laws, or just examples of frauds claiming to have the abilities or power.

Another thing, same question as his. Why would a cross appear in hell? The cross doesn't have anything to do with the divinity of Jesus. If anything, it's would be more to likes of being an idol.

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