Author Topic: How To Be A Positive Contributing Member of Society  (Read 3594 times)

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How To Be A Positive Contributing Member of Society
« on: April 29, 2019, 12:10:25 AM »
How To Be A Positive Contributing Member of Society
By Lilly

Remember how you learned in school?  By listening to your teachers and absorbing the information given about different subjects. You grew a lot and gained a lot of knowledge by the time that you graduated High School or college, right?  That's because you listened to the things being taught and to the lectures that your instructors gave with an open mind.  Often, you respectfully participated in discussions in class and listened to other students and your teachers' viewpoints.  Then, only after listening and absorbing all the viewpoints, you'd come to your own interpretation s and conclusions, or, you'd accept what was said by others as fact. 

However, in the everyday world, I've noticed that many people hold fast to their own beliefs and viewpoints.  There is no room to be open minded to listening to other people's viewpoints at all.  This leads to a stonewall in progress and the slow ability for society to resolve the problems and issues that affect us all.

I believe that how you see the world is a culmination of your upbringing, education, and experiences.  But a lot of times how you see the world is perspective and having the humility to accept that you could be wrong in your views and beliefs.  Being closed-minded makes you unable to learn and grow as a person.  When it comes to social and political issues, being closed-minded prevents being able to solve problems in a way that is effective and fair to everyone.  However, if we can open up to the possibility that we could be wrong, and listen with an open mind to each other, effective communication and progress can be achieved.  Growing as a person and being an effective agent of change and progress depends on your ability to listen to others and then continuously adjusting your viewpoints and understanding about the world. 

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Re: How To Be A Positive Contributing Member of Society
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 06:54:13 PM »
When I was young and drifting between high school and college, I had the mind set of being part of the greater good of society.  I believed in partaking in politics to ensure that the voice of the people are represented by our congressional elected officials.  I believed in establishing relationships with the upper echelon of society and being a humble representative of the poor lower class.

I believed that we can be friendly with all and everyone.

I was the captain of the ship of fools and sailed myself into I see the cut throat society is.  There are no friends.  It's a use or be used world.  Dog eat dog.  I cannot compromise my integrity and so I am unfit to partake in this.  The advice I received are all discriminatory unfair treatment of others.  Things like women are to be treated like subclass.  Other races are to be used for grunt work (slave).  You have to have something that others want or you take away what others cannot do without.  You must always be two steps ahead of others.  You only need to be the boss of the most charismatic person = your puppet.  All of this to control the masses.  If nothing else, you must always create a goal that others will obtain for you.  Be it a common enemy that you may have to conjure up.  There is no gray, it must be black and white, definitive so that people are to be on your side, period.

I cannot do because I desire to be harmonious with others.  I avoid conflict and choose a progressive peaceful alternative.  The reality is peace has always been earned through blood throughout history.

I choose to not make waves in this society.  No ripples in my pond.  I choose to be harmoniously peaceful.

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Re: How To Be A Positive Contributing Member of Society
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2023, 11:29:06 PM »
Whenever someone lectures anybody about being open-minded, it's a sure bet that that person is the closed-minded.  ::)

Open-minded means accepting that others have a different viewpoint, period.  O0 Therefore, you leave them alone and not lecture with the hopes of changing their perspective.

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