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Motivation for...
« on: June 06, 2019, 05:54:11 PM »
A little something I wrote on a whim for those who lacks motivation at some point...



When there is no goal, no desire, no vision, itís easy to say there is no motivation.  The method is in reverse order, so let me explain.  You state your goal.  You must also have the desire to reach your goal otherwise your goal is pointless.  Now you have to have the vision for achieving that goal otherwise your desire is pointless.  In application for example, building a better body, more physical fitness, a healthier endurance per say.  Most people will put forth some effort in the early stages.  They will go gather some knowledge and acquire some skills to work on the basics.  Remember that early motivation there.

You start working out, two weeks, 4 weeks, and so forth to 8 weeks.  You feel results almost immediately.  You begin to see results midway there.  You are able to show results by week 8.  What happens following afterwards is the plateau effect.  Your body adjusts and now it gets comfortable.

Your mentality follows the same synchronizatio n.  Your mind hungry and try out the new routines.  You learn whatís working and get familiar with it.  You achieve a mental high after sharing your results, even if itís just a mirror reflection result.  Your state of mind is happy and satiated.

The lack of motivation sets.  Listen, your goals will always need to change.  Your desire must always be hungry for those goals.  Your vision must always fuel your desire.  Now apply that.

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