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Martial Arts Breaking Things 101
« on: June 20, 2019, 10:16:17 PM »
The question is Does Breaking Things using Martial Arts prove anything?

So I suppose, I will profess to the secret of breaking things.  Now there's a method and secret to breaking things like rocks, bricks, wooden boards, steel material, pottery, etc.,..  And there are people who can do it properly with the correct force.  There is no doubt about that.  They are all masters.  Basic martial arts breaking things 101.

Now there are also plenty of frauds out there.  The frauds are not without skills.  So to say that they are a complete fraud is not accurate.  They are very skillful and very convincing with their sleight of hand.  For example throwing cards that can embed into wood.  I and most people can't do that.  It's impossible, but plausible.  These skillful martial artist most certain can accomplish that, even send the card right through the board of wood.  Amazing.

Now lets get to where they break things.  These are not pre-cut nor design specific for breaking object.  These are actually selective objects that at times are very common.  Building bricks for example.  They must be tough if they are used to build walls and foundations.  Yes they are tough, but what happens when you drop these objects?  They are quite fragile as they can also be shattered rather easily.  Now the martial arts breaking methods exposed.  Take two bricks and throw them straight down onto the floor.  One floor is grass and soil, the brick is cushioned and will not break, unless it is faulted already.  The other floor is iron and the brick easily shatters on it or will at least chip a corner.  While this is completely different from a martial arts hitting the brick barehanded and breaking it, it is not unrelated.  I will explain how it is to expose the frauds who are very skillful at convincing their audience.

So how do they do it?  They are smashing that brick against that iron.  First we all know what happens when you hold onto a stick and hit the sidewalk very hard with it.  The shock impact rebounds right back into your hands.  We have no method to avoid that because we are untrained.  It is simple physics that there is always an equal and opposite force, when a force in enacted upon an object.  If we hit the brick with our bare hands we will definitely hurt ourselves.  However you and I observed that martial artist hitting the brick barehanded.  With a little practice even you can do it.  I did it and so can you.  The method is throwing the brick onto that iron.  Before my bare hand hits the brick.  I slightly raised the brick.  That gives it space, to make impact onto the iron below.  Now I just broke bricks like a trained black belt martial artist.  It is that rebound shock wave upon the impact of your bare hand strike that actually breaks the brick.  To the eye, it most certainly looks like you barehanded strike and broke the brick.

Next time you see that martial artist breaking objects and you are in awe and the audience is giving that person praise.  Go center stage and perform his feat yourself and walk away like it was nothing.  Congratulation s, you have leveled up!

Should I choose my air fist strike or my sword energy wave attack?  I mean I just leveled up and suddenly obtained new martial arts skills.

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