Author Topic: House for Rent Near St Paul MN (Available August 2019) -- $1,650 per month  (Read 590 times)

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if one is paying $1650 a month that is like buying a $359K house (estimated). 

a $359K house is very nice in itself, a person to rent at that price would probably want to buy instead.

being a manager isn't easy;
  1) you would have to be some sort of a handy man or know people who are willing to do minor repairs at a discount.  getting an electrician out to your property to switch a circuit breaker from "OFF" to "ON" cost Duma $500 and a handjob (you better know someone who has a cheaper service).  a plumber's visit just to find out what's wrong with your drain is about $80...cost for repair and manual labor is additional. 
  2) at $1650 a month does not always guarantee good tenants.  these are probably good people (employed, stable jobs and etc) but have poor credit.  Poor credit means they are bad at making payments, that is why they can't afford a home of their own.  once they settled they'll more than likely to become squatters (promising to pay a little but never the full amount...because law says if you accept even a penny for a month's rent, you can't kick them out.
  3) eviction is a court process that is a hindrance and inconvenience, when attempting to remove renters from your property.  renters never like to be evicted, they will leave your house in shambles (holes on the wall, broken glass, and full of mess).

not trying to discourage you, i just want you to rent to me, for free! ha!  :D ;D

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Dang.. if you made $60k/year and 33% went to taxes, that would mean, half of what you had left went directly to rent.  That leaves you with under $20k for food, insurance, car payments, other bills, etc.  Won't be able to save anything.

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Okay. Good choice.

I like that area. I like that park, too. I like especially crossing over the bridge to the other side as well.

Thank you.  :)  And, I'm glad you like the area that I moved to too.   ;D

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Thank you.  :)  And, I'm glad you like the area that I moved to too.   ;D

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