Author Topic: Part 2 of the lesson, at least he admits his ignorance and is willing to learn  (Read 26 times)

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So young buck grabbed an outlet CPVC pipe of his water heater a little to hard and broke it..He didn't know that it can be become that brittle over time. I said, yep, especially with hot scolding water running through it.

Anyways, he thought the 3/4" CPVC he broke is the same as a typical irrigation PVC pipe and so I had to teach him that it's not the case. CPVC are designed to withstand hot water and it may look similar to PVC but the outside diameter is generally smaller even if both have 3/4" stamped on it. So I went with young buck back to Home Depot to get the right one. I also taught him that using the Sharkbite push coupling is so much simpler than gluing things together. Sure it cost more but it's brass so it can withstand hot water.. O0:


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