Author Topic: Is Judas Right about God?  (Read 97 times)

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Is Judas Right about God?
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:49:36 PM »
Even though I can't read Hebrew or Greek, the translators deciphered for us to speak on the behalf of Judas himself saying there are two Gods.
Maybe he's talking about heavenly father and Satan? When Satan still lurking in Judas's heart, Satan brainwash his mind to speak against Jesus.
Ok, let's rewind back to where Jesus went on fasting for 40 days and he came across Satan somewhere in the desert. Satan did tempt him to worship him instead of heavenly father.  Every time Jesus go around towns and cities healing the sicks and forgiving the sinners, Satan get jell-o all the sudden. He's afraid he don't have anymore followers; however, in the end he did have more followers since the Pharisees and the Romans who persecuted Jesus went straight to hell. Satan await them til the end.

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