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Old Movies
« on: August 08, 2020, 05:25:35 AM »
I like to know what's the name of 90's Hmong movie where the artist guy and his cousin went to the beach. There's this beautiful woman walking along the beach and then she bump into him while he's painting. He ask her if he could paint her a portrait. Til the next day they met at the beach again and he gave her the portrait for money exchange. They went on dating for couple weeks. Then they fell in love and tie the knot afterward.
When the gal got pregnant and the cousin came over to check upon her. The artist guy came home on time and he assumed his wife cheated on him with his cousin. So he kick her out the house and  he disown his cousin. Many years go by his wife raise a daughter on her own and he still hold the grudge the fact he still remember the time his wife and his cousin got together in his house. My memory is little dimmed I'm not sure what location where he met his daughter for the first time. However I do remember she led her father to see his mother. When they got there, on the bed his wife told him what's really happen on that day. He felt guilty and remorseful for what he did to her causing her feeling lonely, heartbroken, love-sick. She forgave him and her soul left the body. He knelt down beside her and wept horribly. The daughter comfort him.

That VHS movie has two parts, I & II. Also it wasn't mine. My parent borrowed it from our cousin.  :)

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