Author Topic: When you're a LIAR, I can see you getting "mad" even if you got called out by  (Read 21 times)

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..your fellow Republicans like Tucker Carlson. Don't want to get called out by others, don't LIE in the first place..pretty simple basic common sense concept.. O0:

Tucker Carlson claims Trump's attorney 'got angry' when they pressed her for evidence of voter fraud

Tucker Carlson bashes Trump attorney Sidney Powell for lack of evidence in fraud claims: ‘She never sent us any’

On Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday, rather than push the idea of a fraudulent presidential election, Carlson called out one of President Trump’s attorneys, Sidney Powell, for failing to provide evidence of fraud. Powell has repeatedly claimed that voting machines were rigged in favor of Joe Biden, and that Trump actually won the election by millions of votes. In a bizarre press conference earlier in the day, Powell even claimed that deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, had something to do with the rigging of the machines. Carlson said that he has tried on numerous occasions to get Powell to appear on the show and provide evidence backing up her claims, but to no avail.

“We took Sidney Powell seriously. We had no intention of fighting with her, we’ve always respected her work,” Carlson said. “We simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention. That’s a big story. But she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests, polite requests. Not a page. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her.”

In stark contrast to Powell’s claims, officials at the Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying that the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in U.S. history. According to Carlson, despite Powell’s continued insistence that the machines were rigged, she has yet to provide evidence of such, even to the Trump campaign.

“We checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either, nor did she provide any today at the press conference,” Carlson said.

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