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life after high school
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:29:14 PM »
what would have you done differently, if anything?

forgive me for digging up the past but been self evaluating and see if I could have done anything differently... oh yes, i wasn't the brightest, so i could had done a lot of things differently..i would had just stuck with community college, work part time at Home depot, avoid the academic courses and just get my certificate in welding, machinery or something similar...lols

got a girl who had a crushed on me during senior year. she was very pretty, not that it matter..lols she worked at home depot eversince..i think last i saw her, she didn't tell me, but i saw on their clocked in board when i went to use the restroom, she was one of the big bosses at that one particular store now...lols.... she kept it simple...simpl icity can be beautiful to some, and to her i think she knew she wanted to simply keep her life beautiful..hah a

one guy, we we're super close, but last i talk to him was 10 or so years ago. Working as a machinist for some government agency. He said he was getting paid around 28/hr...

last I facebook spy on them, they all have a spouse and 3-4 s

well me...yeah i shouldn't be comparing myself with em...but i do think some things happen for a reason...but what i learned most is you don't always get to choose your blessings and or curses...haha

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