Author Topic: As parents if kid's path isn't illegal & she's happy and healthy, support's good  (Read 112 times)

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People Can't Get Over How Supportive These Parents Are After Their Daughter Shared News About Her Sex Work Through A PowerPoint Presentation

Over 5.4 million people have tuned in to watch Lexi, the now self-proclaimed "PowerPoint Stripper," flip through a slideshow presentation titled "Today I Reveal to You a Secret," which she used to break the news of her new trade to her parents.

In the viral video which was filmed by Lexi's sister, Sami Lexi stands before her parents and explains, "This secret pertains to my life and doesn't affect anyone. The only reason I'm sharing is because I want the people I love and trust the most to know what's going on in my life and be a part of my journey."

"What the secret DOES mean: I'm talented, I'm cool, I'm powerful," she continued. "What the secret DOES NOT mean: I'm pregnant or in danger."

"I'm a stripper!" Lexi then announced.

Before her parents had a chance to respond, the 22-year-old flipped to another slide and answered a few frequently asked questions, including: why she has decided to pursue stripping, how she stays safe, if she participates in other forms of sex work, and whether or not she is paid under the table.

"It's a sex-positive environment where my body and sexuality can be expressed and celebrated safely," Lexi explained during her presentation. "I've healed so much through dancing and feel empowered when I perform. I learned a difficult skill in pole dancing and I'm so proud of myself."

"I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us," Lexi's mom, Jen, said when her presentation came to an end. "You are powerful."

"It just adds more color to the flavor of the family," her father, Adrian, agreed.

The video's comment section is filled with not only a wave of support for Lexi and applause for her presentation-crafting skills, but also a general awe over her parents' unwavering and unequivocal support.

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