Author Topic: the most nightmarish job you held  (Read 34 times)

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the most nightmarish job you held
« on: October 07, 2021, 10:26:57 PM »
thinking back to some of the old jobs i had...i figure it out folks...for all these strikes with companies lately...some of the top dogs for these companies approach to working doesn't fly, it's not okay to even slighty raise your voice or speak in a rude manner...if you do, don't forget to apologize...lo ls that was my secret..when I was a supervisor for a group of guys....every now and then I'll lose it and raise my voice at someone or talk to them in a rude manner...mind you, those guys never took me seriously to begin with..lols so it's like they would talk back or en when i apologize, they just tell me to shut up it's cool...lols

Apparently, i'm not a leader type of guy..i'm more of the go-to guy..the right or left man to the big boss...haha

oh back to the topic...most nightmarish job...fuking the time i got into a physical altercation with the big boss...lols mofo shoved me and yelled in my i punch him out cold....assist ant manager wasted no time to side with me and explain to the cops what everyone witnessed...he became the new Manager the following week..lols and I decided to quit...lols

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