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How are CDs made?
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According to another textbook, they claim that it's cheap to make.


"Digital technology, by contrast, represents visual and audio content, as well as other forms of media content such as text, in the form of a numerical code. The first major digital mass media format which became successful with the media‐consuming public was the audio CD, or compact disc. CDs record sound by “sampling” the audio which is present during a music performance. Such aspects of that audio as sound frequencies and volume are mathematically measured during the sampling process. In this way, digital recording amounts to collecting data, vast amounts of numerical data. That data is stored in binary code, a system which relies on strings of numbers: ones and zeros.
This represents a fundamental shift in media creation, storage, and delivery. This means that media content can be much more easily, cheaply, and efficiently produced, archived, and distributed. This also means that a media product in digital form can be easily sold or made available in a variety of forms. A TV program which is recorded digitally can readily be offered for web streaming or converted into DVD or Blu‐ray form. This also means that it can be easily copied on an unauthorized basis, if methods of copy protection are circumvented."

—Global Communication Textbook

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