Author Topic: Xauv is sexualizing Hmong culture due to the way it's worn? What's your opinion?  (Read 73 times)

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Summer Walker accused of appropriating, sexualizing Hmong culture with provocative outfit

R&B artist Summer Walker is facing backlash for wearing an outfit to a performance at the Arena that repurposed a traditional Hmong necklace called a xuav for a revealing two-piece. Centuries ago, the Hmong people were enslaved by the Chinese and forced to wear necklaces for identification . After their independence, they designed a necklace called a xuav, meaning “chain,” in remembrance of the hardships of their past. Today, xuavs are worn during traditional celebrations as a poignant symbol of the Hmong identity. Many members of the Hmong community took to social media to voice their frustrations toward Walker and her designer’s alleged appropriation and sexualization of a sacred cultural accessory.

summer walker is wearing a xauv (hmong necklace) and basically made it into a two piece. this is literally culture appropriation. this is NOT how you should wear cultural hmong clothes. our pain and history is not for your cute LA stage outfit.

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First, it's chain and then it's whistling after sexualization. Interesting mistakes by the writer.

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Great for her... maybe businesses will sell more xauv  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

I would love to see our hmong women in xauv like that.

But really... stop complaining and just enjoy the fact that someone actually love to wear your traditional attire and accessories.
I don't give a crap if porn stars start wearing Hmong clothes while shagging their partners.

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