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Idiots In America
« on: July 01, 2022, 10:10:13 PM »
The case of Vincent Chin happened 40 years ago when two drunkard white men killed him because they lost their industrial job by Japanese Import. They thought he was Japanese instead of checking his background first.

The case of Shooting Massacred at Stockton Elementary School in California since 1989. Patrick Edward Purdy killed 5 Asian kids and wounded 42 kids. His mental state ain't humane but load of craziness with drugs and violence. He use the same old story of the poor white men lost their job because of Japanese Import as an excuse to hide his drug addictions and numerous criminal records. Good riddance he shot himself in the head. YEAH! DON'T DO DRUGS [email protected]$$.

These white men lump all Asians into one group. That's their mentality.  :idiot2: They don't have one ounce of cosmopolitan in them.

Not bound by local or national habits or prejudices; at home in all countries or places
Someone who is cosmopolitan has had a lot of contact with people and things from many different countries and as a result is very open to different ideas and ways of doing things.

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