Author Topic: Young & may never be thin enough for her dad but can't say she's not thoughtful  (Read 199 times)

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Chinese girl flips the script in the best way possible on her dad who thought she should lose weight

The father suggests that they take “a gentle stroll every day after having dinner,” to which the little girl responds, “Is it to slim down?” Surprised by his daughter’s response, he acknowledges that the walk is for losing weight. The little girl, however, mistakenly believes it is her father’s desire to lose weight and tells him, “You don’t have to lose weight, I love you no matter what you will become.”

As the little girl’s mother bursts out laughing, the father asks his daughter, “Why?” She then responds that it is “because you are my father.”

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East Asians believe that if you keep your body slim, you are a responsible worker.

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