Author Topic: PH women, are you prioritizing your husband? According to AT&T's  (Read 101 times)

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...actress, Milana it makes her a better mom  ???:

AT&T actress Milana Vayntrub says prioritizing her husband makes her a better mom: ‘We’re better parents when our couple needs are being met’

Milana Vayntrub is giving the world a glimpse into her home life.

The actress, 35, who was introduced to many as AT&T saleswoman "Lily Adams" in the media company's advertisements, joined Rebecca Lee for the latest episode of her podcast, How The F*** Did You Bounce Back?, where she spoke about how keeping a healthy relationship with her husband makes her a better parent.

"I was honestly a little judgmental of moms before I had a kid, just because I was so ignorant," she shared with Lee. "If they’d talked about how hard it was, I would judge them for being, like, I dunno all sorts of things, like, yeah well you sound a little selfish or you sound like you’re probably doing this wrong."

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Re: PH women, are you prioritizing your husband? According to AT&T's
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Why does her boobs look extra big in this photo?

Anyways, "yes", always prioritize the spouse first. Kids grow up and lead their own lives.

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