Author Topic: Even some rich folks don't have time so one and done like my wife and I  (Read 65 times)

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More power to those that want more and can handle it but we are good with "One And Done"  O0:

Ice-T And Coco Austin Explained Why They Are A “One And Done” Family
The rapper and TV personality were originally unsure if they wanted any kids at all.

It’s becoming more and more common for parents to stop having kids after their first. According to Pew research, the rate of only-child families doubled from 11% to 22% between 1976 and 2014. Today, the percentage of families with only one child — the fastest-growing segment of the childbearing population — is estimated to be as much as roughly one-third.

While the reasons for only having one kid vary, rapper Ice-T, 64, and his wife Coco Austin, 43, know exactly why they stopped after their now 6-year-old daughter, Chanel.

While walking the blue carpet at Heidi Klum’s epic Halloween party, the Law and Order actor told Us Weekly, that they felt complete as a family of three.

“Nah. We’re one and done. One and done,” the rapper said.

Ice-T explained that Austin wasn’t sure if she wanted kids at all but as she got older, having just one child felt right for their plans. “Coco didn’t really want to have babies and then when she hit 35, she got the bug,” he added. “She’s like ‘I gotta do it.’ And so, we had the baby.”

...It’s great that celebrity couples like Ice-T and Coco are breaking the stigmas associated with only child families, being honest about their life as a family of three, and truly embracing having just one child.

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