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Fat Elvis and other descriptive writing
« on: March 01, 2023, 12:55:50 AM »
"Fat Elvis"

She raised her foot slightly off the gas pedal to allow the car to coast. There was no need to accelerate since the weight of the sedan gently rolled forward down the winding road. She gazed to the right at the lake like she always did when taking this route home. If not for the different shades of gray delineating the water's edge from the beach, one might conclude that they were looking at the same plane. In fact, there was no defined horizon from what she could tell. The sky and lake were simply one and the same. It was so still, bland, and lifeless. Yet, for this very reason it was like a blank television screen that allowed her memories to slowly come into view. And like every sentimental film, the audio always came first. Faint laughter, a familiar voice, a song, and so on. She spotted the ice cream shack on the beach. It was all boarded up now, but come summer and the garage door would be raised up. People with sun-kissed cheeks in bright-colored shorts will shuffle in and come out with tropical-flavored snow cones or fist-sized waffle cones. But the last time that she went there, she had chosen a frozen strawberry bar after strutting up and down the ice cream freezer trying to make up her mind. They looked at the ice cream bins and read the descriptions.

"Fat Elvis," she read. "That looks interesting."
"What's in it?" he asked as he slowly moved closer. He stood directly behind her then hovered so close that her shoulders and cheeks felt hot.
"Fudge, chocolate chunks, banana..." she slowly read. "Must be all the things that Elvis liked."

After showing a lot of enthusiasm over all the ice cream flavors, she decided on a frozen strawberry bar instead. He asked her again if that was all she really wanted. It was. She waited outside with her treat as he finalized his order and paid the cashier. She was intrigued to see what he decided on - two massive scoops of butter pecan in a waffle cone. It was practically melting faster than he could eat it.

Thinking about that time with him in the shop convinced her to make a short stop. She turned on the right hand signal and exited off the main road towards the ice cream shack. But she didn't stop at the ice cream shack, she continued until she reached the parking area that ran parallel to the lake. She sat in the car and looked out. The weathered picnic benches were raised up on their sides and stacked against each other like dominoes. The trees lining the trail were naked, their branches looked skeletal like line sketches from an old journal. When she was here with him, there was a canopy of leaves dancing above them in the warm wind. Families sat at the picnic tables with different varieties of chips, sodas, and some even had mini grills cooking burgers. They sat beside each other, silent in their own thoughts while trying to finish their frozen treats before the sun got to it first. Her heart giggled, excited to be sitting right next to him, and wondered if he really could finish that gigantic waffle cone before the soaked bottom gave out and the entire thing landed on his lap. He wiped away the dripping butter pecan on the hand that was holding the cone. But she really needed to worry about herself because she was in no better position. The strawberry bar was melting fast and dripping onto the picnic table. It's sugary scent drew quite the attention from the squirrels. He offered some ice cream by holding a spoonful of it up to her mouth. She blushed and ate anyways. Then held up her strawberry bar for him to take a bite. Yes, teamwork was the way to go! Beat that, Sun!

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Re: Fat Elvis and other descriptive writing
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2023, 10:22:01 AM »
I wonder if there are unfrozen strawberry ice cream bars.

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