Author Topic: Even this Oscar winner Asian dude's home country doesn't want him?  (Read 60 times)

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Why Vietnam doesn't want to claim Ke Huy Quan

In his emotional acceptance speech after winning the best supporting actor award at the Oscars, Ke Huy Quan spoke of his journey as a young boy on a boat from Vietnam, via a refugee camp in Hong Kong, to California.

"I spent a year in a refugee camp and somehow I ended up here on Hollywood's biggest stage," he said. "They say stories like this only happen in the movies. I cannot believe it's happening to me. This is the American dream."

He is the first person of Vietnamese origin to win an Oscar, and one of two nominated this year - the other was Hong Chau in The Whale, whose family also fled from Vietnam on a boat.

Yet in Vietnam the official reaction has been subdued. Reports in the media, which is nearly all state-controlled, have said little about Ke Huy Quan or his background.

Some have stressed the actor's ethnic Chinese ancestry, rather than his Vietnamese origins. He was born in the southern Vietnamese capital Saigon in 1971, his family part of a commercially successful ethnic Chinese minority, of the kind seen in many South East Asian cities. None mentioned his flight from Vietnam as a refugee, in the mass exodus of the so-called "boat people".

Thanh Nien newspaper wrote only that "he was born in 1971 to a Chinese family in Ho Chi Minh City [the official name for Saigon] and then moved to the US in the late 1970s".

Tuoi Tre wrote: "Quan Ke Huy was born in 1971 in Vietnam to a Chinese family, with a mother from Hong Kong and a father from mainland China."

VN Express wrote that the actor "has Chinese parents in Cho Lon area", the commercial district of Saigon traditionally inhabited by ethnic Chinese.

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Re: Even this Oscar winner Asian dude's home country doesn't want him?
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 12:22:19 PM »
Ke Huy Quan

Now which one is his first and last name? 

Huy and Quan are vietnamese first names.  I know because I have viet friends with them names.

Ke is foreigner to me.  No such thing as a Ke last name or a first name although my uncle first name is KY which is a certified viet name. 

Have I heard that huy quan kid speaks vietnamese?  Never.  Are there any clips online that shows him speaking the language?  maybe but I'm not going to waste my time looking it up for I no care.  Outrage by the vietnamese commie in vietnam?  Well viets in VN don't tend to like chinese.  Yes they do learned how to live with them but that bias is like the whites and blacks don't tend to see eye to eye either. 

Even if he's not viet or was lied to by a narrative that he kept for all these times, his claiming to be viet is good enough for his oscars have put my people back up on the map.  The chinese should be upset about this and thus why the fussing and outrage.  You do something good, someone out there will want to claim you.  At least Brenda xiong is hmong and she spoke hmong and verified that she's from hmong bloodline.  Her accomplishment and not giving credit to the hmong community, well that's up to you and her to figure things out. 

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Re: Even this Oscar winner Asian dude's home country doesn't want him?
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2023, 02:07:48 PM »
Viets be like, sorry no spring roll party for you....if he was Hmong, a big ass cow party soon...lols Viets, Chinese, Laos- they have country..they don't need clout...Hmongs are a little ey need to feel special. we got no country...haha lols...

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