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« on: May 25, 2023, 01:40:15 AM »
growing up in the 80-90's...a very popular show back then...i don't think I ever watched a full episode..never really pay attention just that it was so popular, my older sisters along with their friends would watch this show together when it came on, or girls be talking bout the show the next day at school..lols and when you have 20 other siblings and only one t.v..and people, mostly teenage and young women talk about it everywhere they just kind of became a part of your e characters kind of became a part of your life...just like how Sylvester Stallone, Vandamn, and Arnold was the 80'90's action movie stars...

not gonna lie, good looking people, no homo on the dudes but good looking dudes..lols but time has definitely changed....cel ebrities are less glorified...WW E no longer the best thing ever...lols... cell phones, internet back then was like saying teleportation is not s

but yeah..I'm depress's like has 20-30 some years really gone by??? so depress really is short guys...some people look better with age though..I like to think I'm one of em..lols...

but is short...make the most of your time..I'm so depress now...haha

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