Author Topic: Based on my own experience, I don't feel emasculated at all  (Read 430 times)

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I've always offer when I take girls out but if they insist on paying, I don't mind at all...It's happened to me a few times:

Woman's Boyfriend Accuses Her Of 'Emasculating' Him By Paying For Their Dinner And Making Him 'Look Like An Unemployed Bum'

A woman revealed that her boyfriend became enraged after she took care of their dinner bill.

Posting to the subreddit "r/relationship_advice" an online forum where users can share problems happening in their friendships, family relationships, or romantic relationships a 24-year-old woman shared that she doesn't know what to do after her boyfriend became annoyed with her for paying their restaurant bill.

He accused her of 'emasculating' him and making him look like an 'unemployed bum' after she took care of the bill for their meal.
In her Reddit post, she explained that she and her 33-year-old boyfriend have been together for 18 months and recently went out to a nice restaurant for date night. Usually, when they go out, her boyfriend takes care of the bill, but this one time, she decided to treat him and pay for it herself.

"I wanted to be nice and give back to him since he has always taken care of me, and when the check came while he was in the bathroom I paid for it," she wrote. When her boyfriend came back out, the waiter had been returning her card, which prompted him to lash out.

He asked her what she had done and when she explained that she'd paid their restaurant bill, he accused her of attempting to "emasculate" him by paying. "I reiterated that I just wanted to do something nice for him since he has always taken care of me, and he shockingly responded by saying, 'So, your idea of being nice is by emasculating me and making me look like an unemployed bum in front of everyone?'"

Hearing her boyfriend's response, she was immediately taken aback by the amount of anger he was displaying toward her, especially since no one in the restaurant had been paying them any attention. She claimed that following that debacle, her boyfriend has now been ignoring her.

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