Author Topic: Dude's 24 yrs older, proposed & said, 'She Was Crazy Enough to Say Yes', LOL  (Read 368 times)

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Hulk Hogan Announces He's Engaged to Yoga Instructor Sky Daily: 'She Was Crazy Enough to Say Yes'

Hulk Hogan is engaged!

Hogan's third engagement comes more than a year after he and Daily first began dating

During a speech at a friend’s wedding over the weekend, the retired professional wrestler shared that he and girlfriend Sky Daily are planning on tying the knot, according to multiple reports.

The “Hulkster,” 69, confirmed the news to TMZ and said he proposed to Daily, 45, last week at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. The former WWE Champion was reportedly “very nervous,” according to the outlet.

“I asked Sky to marry me, and she was crazy enough to say yes, brother,” Hogan said in a now-deleted video shared on Instagram, according to CNN and the Los Angeles Times.

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