Author Topic: I don't see how throwing cash around helps Asian man's heart ache but if it help  (Read 827 times)

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...make him feel better, more power to him  ???:

Video: Chinese man throws over $2K in cash in the air after girlfriend breaks up with him

A heartbroken man from China was filmed throwing money in the air after experiencing a breakup with his now ex-girlfriend.

What happened: A surveillance camera recorded the incident, which occurred outside a jewelry store in Huizhou, China.

The man received the bills after selling gold jewelry he was supposed to give to his partner before their breakup, according to local media. He reportedly earned 15,000 yuan (approximately $2,060) from the sale.

The man's ex-girlfriend reportedly returned the gift to him, which prompted him to sell the jewelry instead of keeping it.

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that's not bad at all..that might just win his girl back cuz it's pretty badass move...lols... what was sad was the 17 or 18 year old Filipino young man who jumped to his death from a High rise in NY after suffering his first heartbreak...t hat first heartbreak is a lot to take in for some young stags.

I have a lot of young nephews, and I always tell them, only meet people halfway..or cut them loose out of your life. haha they all seem to handle their teen and young adult life very well..much better than I did that's for sure..haha

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