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...a similar situation to this one  ???:

College student blames parents for his short stature and his 'inability to date': 'My mom started crying'
Responded one commenter, 'It's not a death sentence, you're just short'

Some 4,500 have reacted and 2,700 people have shared comment so far on a social media post shared by an individual who said he "blames" his parents for his "short height and inability to date" ó with the man asking others on the platform if he's wrong for the way he feels after a blowup with his parents.

Describing himself as a 20-year-old male who is 5'3" tall and attends college, the man wrote that the "rest of his family is average to tall: My dad is 5'10, my mom is 5'6 [and] my brothers are 5'11 and 6'1."

He then provided more context.

"When I was 11 or 12," he wrote, "my doctor told my family that my pituitary gland was malfunctioning [and] acting unpredictably, so in the coming years it would either stop producing growth hormone altogether really quickly and leave me short ó or it would overproduce and Iíd be tall (6í3+)."

Added the man, "It was impossible to predict which one would happen, and they suggested hormone-stabilizing shots that would ensure normal growth."

The individual, who goes by the username "Southern_Bed_1 402" on the subreddit known as AITA ("Am I the a--hole"), also wrote, "My parents have been and are still wealthy and had no issue paying for these, but they said I had a chance to become very tall without these shots, so I should take it."

The young man added, "I said Iíd rather have the shots because Iíd rather just guarantee Iím Ďaverageí than have a 50% shot of being incredibly short, but they didnít listen."

He went on, "As a result, I stopped growing very early and Iím only 5í3."

Providing more of the personal story, the individual continued, "My parents and siblings always make jokes about it and how I donít have a girlfriend, which makes me angry because it was quite literally their choice that led me to the situation in which I donít have a girlfriend and am short."

He said that "this past weekend, they visited me at college, and started making the same jokes ó so I got angry and shouted at them that they can joke all they want but the reality is Iím in the situation Iím in because of the choice they made."

The man then wrote, "My mom started crying and my dad got angry and said I was being a huge [a--hole]."

So, he went on to wonder, "Am I the AITA?"

Fox News Digital reached out to the original poster for further comment, and reached out as well to a psychologist for insight into the situation.

Commenters who chimed in had plenty of sympathy for the original poster, with many telling him they felt badly for him ó while also saying that he shouldn't worry about his height.

Said one person, "You may not want to hear it or you may have heard it before, but your height wonít be a deal breaker for some women."

This same writer added, "Not everyone is so shallow to write off a good guy because of his height, and if they are that shallow then you donít want to be with them in the long term anyway."

The same commenter added in a later response, "Hang in there and focus on the things you can control."

Many commenters took issue with the family situation described by the original poster.

"Iím so sorry your family treats you so terribly. Iím guessing they feel guilty for making a choice that went against your wishes," wrote one person.

"I strongly suggest you stop blaming them for you not getting a girlfriend."

Another commenter said the young man wasn't wrong for "being upset with them [the family] because that's a decision that absolutely should have not been made, especially against your will."

However, this same individual added, "I strongly suggest you stop blaming them for you not getting a girlfriend."

And yet another commenter said to the young man, "Stop letting people tear you down and stop tearing yourself down."

Still another person offered this perspective: "It's worth noting that almost all heartthrob male actors are relatively short because it makes their proportions look better on camera! It also means that if you ever get into working out, you'll be able to Ďbulkí and get that broad-chested, muscular appearance for more easily than any tall man ever will."

The person added, "Your body has so many things in your favor ó you just need to know how to play them up!"

Wrote someone else very directly, "It sucks your parents made a decision that affected your life and you didn't have a say ó that is a problem and I'm sorry that happened to you."

Yet "I think you're taking this way too seriously," this commenter went on. "It's not a death sentence, you're just short. If you want to spend the energy being angry about something you can't change, we'll, it's your life. But I would recommend learning how to accept and celebrate who and what you are."

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